101 Things to Do when You’re Bored at Work

At work, especially in an office job, things can get a little slow and boring. Try some of the things on this list to lift your boredom!

1. Write for Associated Content. It combats boredom and makes you money at the same time!

2. Listen to music

3. Eat pretzels or any other snack that gets stuck in your teeth; digging the food particles out of your teeth is sure to pass the time.

4. Chew gum and try to blow huge bubbles

5. Watch Youtube videos

6. Clean the dirt under your fingernails

7. Pick your nose

8. Stick your gum under someone’s desk

9. Eat a pomegranite; count the seeds

10. Syphon gas from other employees cars

11. Pretend that you are in a racecar; make the cool noises too.

12. Draw on yourself

13. Go to the bathroom (bring a book).

14. Count the ceiling tiles/the dots on the ceiling

15. Meow like a kitten

16. Bring a watermelon in to work with you; incessently ask others if they’d like a piece

17. Construct a mini-catapult for paper flinging

19. Go to the vending machine, but leave your money at the desk so you can pass more time by having to go back and grab it.

20. Look through the files on your computer

21. Look at funny pictures on the internet

22. Stumble (StumbleUpon.com)

23. Watch the trees blow in the breeze.

24. Look on Amazon.com for cool stuf

25. Twiddle your thumbs

26. Change the staples in your stapler

27. Steal office supplies

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28. Run around the building a few times

29. Practice flipping the bird

30. Eat

31. Walk around

32. Look up a recipe to make for dinner

33. Play the Helicopter game (addictinggames.com)

34. Answer questions at Yahoo answers

35. Look up your horoscope

36. Personalize desk items e.g. draw a face on your pencil and name it Johnson

37. Chew gum

38. If your building has an elevator, ride it at least 20 times bottom to top

39. Do origami

40. Practice money origami

41. Find a solution to the global food crisis

42. Watch your favorite television show on Hulu

43. Learn how to bake cookies (off the internet)

44. Write a book

45. Write a poem

46. Talk to co-workers

47. Write recipes down so you don’t forget them

48. Buy candy for everyone in the building

49. Tie your shoes over and over again

50. Make up anagrams

51. Contemplate a tattoo design

52. Try and write with your non-dominant hand

53. Look up a solution to that leaky faucet

54. Write your dissertation

55. Write your own obituary

56. Plan your funeral

57. Write other people’s obituaries

58. Bring your dog to work on “Bring your child to work day”

59. Set up a fish tank on your desk

60. Figure out how to convert your car to run on ethanol fuel

61. Light up a joint

62. Go to bored.com

63. Dip in to the petty cash funds

64. Devise ways to frame people for stealing paper clips

65. Figure out how to nickel and dime the IRS on your next tax return

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66. Call everyone “Bob”

67. Learn how to write in all possible font styles

68. Learn how to type with your eyes closed

69. Sleep

70. Knit a welcome mat for your desk area

71. Grow a potted plant on your desk

72. Name your plant

73. Stick it to the man

74. Bring a brick of cheese and cut slices for everyone

75. Set up a laser barrier around your desk

76. Make up a password for the space around your desk

77. Enforce the password rule

78. Don’t respond to anyone unless they call you by your full name

79. Put a “Beware of dog” sign on your desk

80. Set an easy bake oven under your desk and make treats for everyone

81. Sign up for an online class

82. Read “Mein Kampf”

83. Recite the ABC’s in a sing-song manner

84. Bring a mini-keyboard so you can practice at work

85. Only speak to people through a megaphone

86. Blast new age techno music

87. Ask everyone if their going to Corn Fest (even if you don’t have one)

88. Trim the shrubbery in front of the office building

89. Hide the toilet paper rolls

90. Hack into the other office computers

91. Claim you are the boss; order everyone around

92. Sell stamps from your desk

93. Set up an information kiosk, with maps of the building showing the best vending machines

94. Start a parody office newsletter

95. Grind wheat into flour

96. Set up a tip jar on your desk

97. Change the background on your computer

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98. Print your astral natal chart

99. Put a crystal ball on your desk and ask cowokers if they’d like a reading

100. Study greek

101. See if you can leave work early