11 Ways to Reuse an Old Microwave Stand

Microwave stands come in different sizes. They usually have a cupboard, and may have an open space under the top surface. Some might also have a drawer.

You may have installed an under-the-cupboard microwave, or decided that one of these appliances is no longer necessary in your home. Whatever the reason for not needing the microwave anymore, you are left with a stand that is still usable.

Once a microwave stand is no longer needed for its intended purpose, it can be used for something else. Consider these ideas before sending your old stand to the dump.

Leave the stand where it is in the kitchen, placing your toaster, slow cooker and other small appliances on it. Better yet, hide the small appliances you rarely use in the cupboard of the stand. This will give the top a less cluttered look.

Move it into your office, and put the printer on it. Printer paper can be stored in the cupboard, and ink cartridges can be organized within the open area or the drawer.

Place the stand in your bedroom to hold a small television and DVD player. Store your DVD’s in the cupboard.

Or do the same with your stereo and music.

Put it in the bathroom, if there is enough room, to hold towels and wash cloths. Personal hygiene products can be stored on the top.

Use the cupboard to store board games. Cards and other games that take little space can be placed in containers in the open space or in a drawer.

Place the stand in your craft room. The cupboard will store larger items, such as a box of fabric. The open area will hold tools such as your glue gun, a tray and a container of glue sticks, and the top will hold a couple of baskets of other supplies.

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Use the stand in a potters shed to hold gardening supplies, placing planters in the cupboard, and seeds and hand tools on the top.

In the garage, the stand will help to organize small to medium size tools.

Place the stand in the laundry room, using the cupboard to hold the detergent and fabric softener. You will have a place on top of the stand to set folded clothes until you can put them away.

In the family room, the stand will hold snacks and beverages to be consumed while hanging out, and bowls and other necessities needed to serve the foods in.

The uses for old microwave stands are limited only by your imagination. The only time one should go to the dump is if it is absolutely unusable, at which time it becomes junk.

These stands can often be repainted to match the d©cor of any room, or may be stenciled or sponged with designs depending on the whim of the owner. These types of changes make the stand more attractive when incorporating it into another room.