12 Fashion Suggestions for Men Over 50

These days, men over 50 can look great…and, many do! Hollywood brings us certified foxes including George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Denzel Washington, Hugh Grant, Antonio Banderas. Television brings us Matt Lauer and Brian Williams, frequent fixtures on the best-dressed list. Not to mention, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are over 50 and over 60, respectively. Most importantly, quality and a good fit to whatever you wear are the two most important things to get right after age 50.

Do have a good dark suit
Even if you aren’t wearing a suit everyday, have a couple on hand in dark navy and gray. If you haven’t worn a suit lately, try yours on to ensure they still have an excellent fit to create a good-looking silhouette.

Do invest in crisp white shirts
You simply cannot have too many basic white dress shirts at any age. They don’t need to be expensive, by any means. If you’ve always worn a certain collar size and you now need to go up half an inch, do it.

Do pay attention to accessories
A good watch and optional wedding band is all the jewelry a well-dressed man needs. Keep shoes in good condition and regularly polished. Wear black shoes with a black belt for a dressier look. Get a new belt rather than showing the buckle holes that no longer fit. Add a pocket square? Yes.

Do get a well-tailored blazer
A sharp navy blazer, a seersucker for summer and a tweed sport coat for fall and winter are go-to items that every man should have for those smart casual occasions when a jacket is required. Coordinate with gray trousers or khakis or jeans and a polo shirt to look your relaxed best.

Do look after your clothing
Even when you’re tired, always empty your pockets, remove coins. Line up the seams of your trousers before handing them from the waistband or fold neatly across a hanger with a wide padded bar. Hang your jacket on a wooden hanger.

Do dry clean selectively
Dry clean a suit coat and trousers together so they show the same amount of wear. This can be as infrequently as once or twice a year, unless you’re wearing the suit regularly. Chemicals are not good for the fibers.

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Don’t leave clothing in plastic
When you do dry clean, dispose of the wire hangers and unpack the clothing to allow air to circulate. Do not use the plastic bags for storage, although they can be useful when packing for a suitcase full of wrinkle-free items on arrival.

Don’t scrimp on your suit
Pulling out a classic, well-fitting suit for a special occasion will make you feel great. This is one item you do not want to nickel and dime, which may mean it’s time for a new fitting.

Don’t wear old white shirts
Once that crisp white shirt is no longer crisp nor white, it’s time to get it off your back. My father used to pass them down to his daughters for our messy arts and crafts playtime or cookie baking sessions.

Don’t wear that Hawaiian shirt
Unless you’re on a tropical vacation or at the beach, forget bright floral prints. And that goes for ties, too.

Don’t dress younger than your years
Men over 50 don’t belong in too-tight shirts, decal T-shirts, puffy down jackets, biker jackets, leather bombers, or dangly earrings. Even the 62-year-old intrepid adventurer, Sir Richard Branson, normally wears a blazer, a white shirt, and jeans.

Don’t follow fads
Denim is fine, dark is best. No ripped or torn jeans, no baggy ones. Jeans that droop around the rear are not a good look on anyone, and are an unforgivable no-no for those of a certain age.