12 Finnish Baby Names

Looking for names can be exciting, but it also overwhelms many expectant parents. There are so many things to plan and prepare for that agreeing on a name becomes just another obstacle. Hopefully, taking a look at interesting names from all over the world will help you decide. This list takes a look at great Finnish names that you may have never thought to look at. Nameberry will help us journey through these amazing Finnish baby names.

(1) Taavi: (male) Many parents consider David, but frankly, it is not the most exciting choice. Taavi is a variation of David and is a name that most in the U.S. have never heard before. It is a cool choice on a classic.

(2) Annalie: (female) Hannah is super popular, but Annalie, a variation of Hannah is recognizable, but still has a hint of individuality. It is a beautiful choice for your baby girl.

(3) Olavi: (male) This bold choice give you the same sounds as Oliver with a twist. (No pun intended.) I also love the nickname Lavi. It has a great sound and would be a great choice on your little guy.

(4) Sohvi: (female) Sophia/Sophie/Sofia are names that are all the rage right now! If they are your style but you don’t want to end up with this decades version of a Jennifer or Jessica, then look no further than Sohvi. It has the same sound, but a completely different look.

(5) Artek: (male) This is a hipper version of Arthur and has a really cool sound. It has two great nickname options in Artie and Tek. This is a great name for daring parents.

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(6) Lilya: (female) There are many variations of Lily/Lillian/Liliana/Lila etc that have taken the top 200 by storm. Lilya is still not one of them. If you love the floral sound, but want something just a touch different, than Lilya is the Finnish baby name for you!

(7) Kosti: (male) I love this name. It has a great energy and sound and is truly unique sound in the states. It might be a great one to add to your list of ideas.

(8) Rasmus: (male) Meaning beloved, this name has a great sound and a lot of potential. Ras is a great nickname and it is unique without sounding too out there. This name is great for parents living on the edge, but not quite ready to completely jump over.

(9) Piritta: (female) A beautiful name, Piritta has a great sound and an awesome spelling. This is a variation on Bridget. I love the nicknames Piri and Ritta.

(10) Aalto: (male) If you are into surfing and the beach, then Aalto could be the perfect choice for you! The name literally means wave! You can take your little Aalto to the beach everyday!

(11) Fenno: (male) There are a lot of little Finnian and Finleys running around lately, but no Fennos! Fen is a great nickname too.

(12) Veera: (female) Great sound, cool spelling, and it’s making a bit of a comeback on the U.S. top 300 names. What more could you ask for?

If any of these have peaked your interest and you are wanting more, feel free to continue your search on Nameberry .