12 Must-See Baseball Movies

Baseball is arguably the most romanticized of all major American sports, so it should come as no surprise that the sport is often depicted in Hollywood films.

Baseball provides many situations that are analogous to life and the laid-back nature of the game’s mechanics allows it to act as a strong backdrop for human interest stories.

“Rookie of the Year”

Admittedly, the plot is a bit wonky and the film’s execution is rather campy but that is what makes this early-’90s baseball flick so endearing. Rookie of the Year” appeals to the teenage boy inside of every baseball fan and for that is required viewing for all fans of America’s game.

“Bull Durham”

The only thing more intriguing than the love triangle depicted in this film would be a love diamond, but I doubt moviegoers were ready for that kind of scandal in 1988.

“Major League”

The comedic situations of “Major League” made it an instant baseball classic that has endured in the hearts of baseball fans for over two decades. The lovable loser shtick is played marvelously in this movie.

“A League of Their Own”

The all-star casting in “A League of Their Own” combined with a masterfully written script that struck a tight balance between comedy and drama, creating a film that wound up being enshrined in the National Film Registry.

“The Rookie”

Dennis Quaid plays the leading man in this inspiring tale. Not only is “The Rookie” a beautiful story about the love of the game, but the plot’s lessons about the human spirit transcend sports.

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Based on the view-changing Michael Lewis book, “Moneyball” offers an insight into the business side of baseball. The performances from Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill knock the stellar story out of the park.

“Bang The Drum Slowly”

Robert De Niro offers a brilliant performance in this heart-wrenching movie. The movie might use baseball as a device for telling the tale, but the depth of emotions covered throughout the plot make this film appeal to all moviegoers.

“The Natural”

Baseball seems to lend itself to tales of redemption and who doesn’t love a good comeback story? Well, “The Natural” rises above just being a good comeback story and into the upper-echelons of baseball films with tightly written dialogue and inspiring acting.

“The Pride of the Yankees”

This biopic follows the ups and downs of Lou Gehrig during the bright times when his star shined brightly in the world of baseball as well as his battle with ALS. The ‘Luckiest Man’ speech is a must see for all baseball fans. Actually, anyone whom has ever dealt with great adversity should watch that speech. It’s simply beautiful. They don’t make men like him anymore.

“The Sandlot”

The Sandlot” did not fare well at the box office but it became a cult-classic due to the identifiable characters in the film. Any man who grew up loving baseball is sure to identify with numerous moments in this classic movie.

“The Bad News Bears”

Walter Matthau plays a washed up minor league player in this film and does he ever play the role to perfection. The role is simply iconic. The hijinks of the little league players that he coaches play a perfect foil to his character. The 2005 remake starring Billy Bob Thornton is worth a watch as well, but it is no replacement for the 1976 original.

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“Field of Dreams”

The subtext of “Field of Dreams” displays some of the best screenwriting and understanding of symbolic devices to ever grace a sports film. The level of depth of this film’s writing makes repeated viewings just as engaging as the first as you start to view the film through different lenses.

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