12 Ways a Super Tall Woman Can Feel Great About Her Height

1. As old age kicks in, and you shrink from bone loss, you’ll still have some height on you, instead of being a vulnerable-looking, “little old lady.”

2. You are less likely to be a random crime victim. Predators seek out potential victims who look like they can’t fight back, or who look like they can be easily overpowered. A man who wants to mug a woman has many short and medium height women to ambush; why would he go after a six-foot-tall woman? Especially if he’s 5-8 or 5-9? Even a 6-5 mugger wants the easiest target; he, too, will prefer a shorter woman (unless she’s got tattoos of skulls on her arms and is smoking a cigar).

3. You are less likely to be a random rape victim. Again, the same logic applies: Why would a man choose to rape a woman who’s taller? A rapist does not want to struggle through his act. Once a man gets to know a woman, it may not matter how tall she is, because he has learned, through interaction with her, that he can overtake her easily. Most rape victims know their attackers. But in the case of a random rape, in which the predator waits in hiding in a parking lot or wherever, he is not interested in a woman who is taller, because he does not want to sweat in an attempt to bring her down. She may be a weakling in the weight room, but he won’t perceive it that way if she’s walking tall and proud.

4. You never have to worry about some lumbering huge bozo blocking your way at a movie theatre, symphony or some other show – unless the bozo himself is super tall. Even a six-footer can easily block someone’s way, unless that someone is six feet herself.

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5. You can see better over crowds.

6. You can reach things at supermarkets and in your own home, such as changing the light bulb on a light that hangs over your staircase, or reaching up to get to the smoke detector, or adjust the airflow of the heating vent high on the wall.

7. You have an advantage in certain sports. Though of course, if your chosen sport is competitive “sport climbing,” there may be some problems.

8. You can come off as having some authority, without trying as much as you would have to if you were short.

9. You are more likely to be promoted on the job. Statistics prove this.

10. Nobody refers to a short woman as “regal” or “elegant,” (though many are). These complimentary terms are used only for tall women.

11. You are truly the envy of women of all heights, not just the shorties out there. Many women 5-6 to 5-10, would love to be taller.

12. Men will be less likely to get in your face, because they won’t be towering over you.