12 Ways to Fall Asleep and Beat Insomnia

Have you ever sat there at night wanting to fall asleep and nothing? Do you refuse to take medications to put you to sleep?

I have a few ideas that may just help.

A lot of people read to relax them. It never helps me but it is usually what people tell me when I can’t sleep. So, give it a try.

What I found works is listening to music such as whales or nature sounds. The CD “Songs of the Humpback Whale” is very popular. This really works for me. It can take an hour to work but it puts you asleep. Avoid CDs that have rain or pure water music. All it does is make you have to use the bathroom.

Another thing that works is making up a story or fairytale in your head. Pretend you are a movie star, athlete, race car driver or secret agent. Whatever it is you want to be for a while. You can marry whoever you want. Win an Oscar. Whatever you desire is perfect. It really will put you asleep. I continue mine where ever I remember leaving off the night before. Some times I am asleep in 10 minutes. Some times, it takes me an hour.

Put a cool cloth over your eyes. For some reason this just takes the tension away and relaxes me until I am asleep. It’s also cooling in the summer.

There are foods that help you relax such as bananas, cheese, turkey and pickles. I like a slice of turkey breast about 20 minutes before I go to bed. When you eat Thanksgiving dinner, turkey makes you sleepy. It’s no myth. It has natural chemicals that help you sleep. I sometimes eat a piece of chocolate an hour before I want to sleep. It wakes me up but after the one hour high, it brings you down and you can sleep.

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Have you tried a muscle relaxation technique. It starts with flexing then relaxing your feet and continues upward through each body part until reaching your head. By the time, I hit my arms, I am out. You can have a friend record a CD for you so you can listen to it every night. You may be able to do it yourself without a CD once you learn it. My spouse loves this and soon all I hear is loud breathing which in turn puts me to sleep.

Another way is to concentrate on your breathing. I learned this when I was a child on Christmas Eve. My mother told me I had to take a nap before we could make Christmas cookies and begin all our holiday celebrations. How could I sleep knowing what was ahead? I couldn’t so what I did was fake it with loud heavy breathing so mom thought I was asleep. That loud heavy breathing put me to sleep in about 15 minutes. I tricked myself into falling asleep.

A lot of people say to make your room quiet. That makes it worse for me. I found the sound of a fan helps me sleep. I cannot sleep if I don’t hear something. Most low continual humming noise works.

Some people can fall asleep by drinking warm milk and honey. I like things cold so it is not for me but is worth a try.

Have you ever found that you fall asleep watching TV but get in to bed and are wide awake. Some people actually do sleep better with the TV on. Most people say do not watch TV in bed but for others it works. Most TVs have a sleep feature which can start from 10 minutes to three hours before the televisions turns off.

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If you are a social drinker, you may find a glass of wine puts you to sleep. Don’t do it on a regular basis but on occasion it really works. A glass of wine knocks me out during the day so I am sure it would knock me out at night.

Look at something relaxing such as a candle. It can be mesmerizing and make you sleepy. Make sure it is nowhere near anything flammable and be sure to put the candle out before going to sleep.These are the things that I do. Most work for me. Not all work all the time. Give them a try and see what works for you.