12 Ways to Stop Asthma Attacks Without Using Drugs

Obviously, the best method for stopping an asthma attack is using the medication prescribed to you. However, there are times when an asthma attack may strike and your medication is not available. This means that you must try to stop the asthma attack on your own. This can be very scary, because you can’t feel like you can breath, and it may be hard to concentrate. There are twelve methods available to help stop an asthma attack.

1. The best thing is to try to not panic. Staying as calm as possible will help your muscles keep from tensing up and making the attack worse. Relaxing your muscles will help your body allow the air to come in to the lungs and help make breathing a little easier.

2. It helps when you push the air out of the body. Although this doesn’t make sense, it really does work. Pushing out the old air will make you feel better and will give you something to concentrate on. Pushing out the old stale air may force whatever triggered the attack out of your body.

3. Inhaling slowly and steadily while trying to calm down will help you breathe a lot easier. While doing so, breathe in as much air as you can.

4. It’s a good idea to practice these breathing techniques when you are not in the middle of an asthma attack. Ask your doctor the best thing to do. Count to ten while breathing in and out several times a day and this will give you the practice you need to handle an attack when it comes.

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5. Learn what triggers your attacks and try to keep those substances away. Was it cigarettes, cigars, or certain cologne? Was the room you were just in dusty or moldy? There are many different types of triggers to asthma and if you can figure out what it is you can eliminate the source.

6. You may have allergies that are contributing to the asthma attack. Talk to your doctor to get medications that will keep the attacks to a minimum.

7. Cleanliness in your home will help decrease the amount of asthma attacks. Vacuum and dust several times a week. Wash chairs, tables, sofas, and televisions with a wet rag. Dry rags simply move the dust around and don’t remove it from the furniture.

8. Keep your pets clean and brush your pet every day. Pet dander may be the cause of your asthma attack.

9. Don’t add moisture to your home, unless your home is dry. Moisture adds to mold and can trigger an attack. Moisture may make it easier to breathe but can cause the possibility of mold to increase in the house.

10. Use man made pillows rather than feather ones. Remove down cushions and quilts to get rid of dust mites. Blinds work better than curtains and hard wood floors are preferred over carpet for removing dust in the home.

11. Keep the doors and windows closed and the air conditioner on. This will keep dirt, construction dust and pollen out of the house and lessen the chance for an asthma attack.

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12. Finally, cover the mattresses, pillows and box springs with dust covers to keep the dust mites from entering your home. Wash all your linens once a week in hot water as well.

The best thing to do is to take action before an asthma attack occurs. Keeping your environment free from allergens is a great way to prevent asthma attacks. You may want to try yoga in order to practice breathing techniques. Talk with your doctor and they will help you discover the best way to diminish the amount of asthma attacks that you have.