12 Weeks of Summer Scrapbooks for Kids

Counting down those weeks until the last day of school seems to take forever and yet the 12 weeks of summer seem to fly by. Helping kids to create a 12 weeks of summer scrapbook gives them a fun activity to document all the fun things they did over the summer. It’s educational too as it has them writing, categorizing, labeling, organizing and using their creativity as well. At the end of summer, they’ll have a fun keepsake and sense of accomplishment. Not to mention a head start on that “what I did this summer” essay they will likely be asked for when school begins again.

Ideas for the 12 weeks of summer scrapbook base:

Recycle a 3 ring binder from school.

Create a homemade scrapbook base with covered cardboard covers.

Use an inexpensive slide in photo album.

Ideas for what to include in the 12 weeks of summer scrapbook:

Often when kids are asked what they did this summer they’ll say “nothing.” Kind of like when we ask them what they did at school today and they say “nothing.” Activities that can be included in a 12 weeks of summer scrapbook might be big, like visiting a theme park, going to the beach or going camping. The little things they do each day are important too like building a tower using every last block, seeing a movie or reading a book. Here’s a list that can help kids get starting with things to consider including in their summer scrapbook.
The best thing I did the week

The most fun I had this week

Friends I saw this week

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Family I visited this week

Movies I watched this week

Board games I played this week

Recipes I made this week

Healthy foods I tried this week

How I got exercise this week

Books I read this week

Field trips I took this week

Crafts I made this week

How I played outside this week

How I spent my allowance this week

Chores I did this week

Problems I solved this week

Things I memorized this week

Things I wrote this week

Pictures I drew this week

Photos I took this week

As you can see this list of things to include in a summer scrapbook not only encourages kids to document things they’ve done this summer but it acts as a list of things they can do to.

Decorating a 12 weeks of summer scrapbook:

Kids tend to not throw anything away. We find ticket stubs in the laundry, brochures in drawers and papers with art or writing all over the place. A summer scrapbook can encourage them to put all of these things to good use in one organized place. Decorating ideas include:

Letter stickers

Number stickers





Computer printables


Making “pockets” for a 12 weeks of summer scrapbook:
Kids love pockets. They can cut out a pocket shape from paper, fabric or foam craft sheets.

Now you can encourage them to practice those writing skills. It’s amazing how something little and fun like making a pocket can inspire kids to write to have something to put in it. Ask them to write “reviews”” this summer of anything from movies to books, water parks to museums or pizzas to ice cream. They can also write poems or short stories to put in their summer scrapbook.

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Let kids fold up their writing and tuck it inside of the pockets as another keepsake. Kids will enjoy making their 12 weeks of summer scrapbook and when people ask them,”What did you do this summer?” they’ll have a colorful, organized answer.