14 Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

A few months ago I decided I would do anything to be a stay at home mom and after many months of research and brainstorming I made it a reality. Me and my husband worked the budget a million different ways and figured that I could stay home but any extra money would be very helpful. This article is the result of my mission to find ways to make extra money from home that were NOT scams. There are a lot of people out to trick you but these are things I either tried or checked out and give my stamp of approval.

1. House work:
Offer to clean homes or offices. Whether it is a relative or friend you would be surprised how many people are interested in this type of service. The elderly are great places to start and they would love to visit with you baby. I just strap my daughter to my front in a harness or wrap and clean. Not only do I make some money, she loves it and I get a great work out.

2. Pet Sitting / House Sitting:
Just like with housework you can make some extra money going to someone’s home to let their pet out while they are gone to work or out of town. Consider putting an ad on bulletin boards at the local grocery store. My daughter loves dogs so it is easy to take her along. Be cautious of unknown animals with your children though, I find that most people with big dogs prefer a kennel and the people that will pay you to pet sit usually have friendly well taken care of doggies.

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3. Freelance Writing:
I’m doing it right now! There are several ways to make money writing. Local websites and magazines will pay for articles to keep their content current. Sites like Associated Content will even pay you through paypal if your article is attractive to readers.

4. Contract Work Online:
Websites like Elance and Odesk are available for short contract work. If you are like me I came from a corporate environment and have skills in many office settings. This website allows you to work from home in many different fields and many jobs can be done on your own time.

5. In-home Customer Service:
This is on option that didn’t really work for me but may be valuable for others.Arise, AlpineAccess, LiveOps, WorkingSolutions, and WestAtHome are call center occupations. My daughter is still very small and it would be hard for me to have a designated time to work every day but if your children are in school this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

6. Selling Crafts:
If you are the creative type like me you have many ideas but never know where to sell them, websites like Etsy and Ebay can help.

7. Sell Independent Products:
Many moms I know make some good cash selling independent products like Mary Kay, Avon, Premier Jewelry, Lia Sophia, Uppercase Living, Stampin’ Up and Pampered Chef are just a few. If you don’t make a ton at least you can support your habit.

8. Mystery Shopping:
There are a lot of scams out there so it is really hard to know what is legit. I did not want to give my social security number out to anyone so I chose to be paid in gift cards. http://www.mysteryguestinc.com is the website I use. I get an assignment list once a month and can decide whether I want to participate. I have done this and have received gift cards in the mail. If you want to make money you can try sites like: imyst, beyondhello and ICC Decision services. According to this Associated Content Writer all three websites have paid her cash. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/55253/10_legitimate_ways_stayathome_moms.html?cat=25

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9. Focus Groups:
The best way is to do a Google search for groups in your area or try this site. Volition

I haven’t been success finding any in my area but in bigger cities they are more common.

10. Home daycare:
Consider watching another child in your home or helping the elderly with some tasks. It may not be the ideal situation but a few days a week might add up to some serious cash. You can put a profile on Care.com or Sittercity.

11. Start your own small business:
I purchased an embroidery machine and started making burp cloths. Some people start photography, wedding planning, etc. There is a lot of money to be made in the wedding and baby industry right now.

12. Create your own service:
Call local services like doctors, veterinarian, photographers or anyone that makes appointments for their services and offer your service to make reminder calls. If you can get a few offices on board you can have a little extra cash for a few minutes a day.

13. Sell Photography:
I would love to be a photographer but I honestly do not have the equipment or the time so I submit my amateur work to stock photography sites. If you have skills this is a great way to make money. You can upload the pics and leave them. No hassle way to make a few dimes. Try sites likeistockphoto, dreamstime, shutterstock and Fotolia.

14. Selling on Ebay:
Offer to sell things on Ebay for a fee. Many of my family members do not know how the process works and I am helping with selling some high dollar items.

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It takes a little time and effort but these ideas can help you make a little extra money. Good Luck!