15 Best Bon Jovi Songs

If you were late in the game of becoming a giant Bon Jovi fan, you might not know what songs to get from their CDs other than the big hits like “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” With so many CDs spanning three decades, there are amazing songs that you are totally missing out on! Thanks to Itunes, you can easily download these songs alone if you cannot afford to get the entire Bon Jovi collection.

(1) “Save the World” (Crush) Arguably, one of their best ballads ever! Jon’s voice just soars at the bridge to a jump and sustained note that is beyond his already fabulous vocals. It’s a sweet song about a guy who has made his own way and would do anything for you.

(2) “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” (Crossroads) One of my personal favorites, this song is upbeat but has some serious content. It’s about being alive and getting through the difficult things that come our way. It might be hard right now, but will all be able to chill and have a fun night eventually. It’s catchy and meaningful.

(3) “Never Say Goodbye” (Slippery When Wet) This is the perfect graduations song for high school or college. Having to leave people you love, and break up with someone because your lives are heading in different directions. Jon’s vocals are full of desperation and longing.

(4) “Thank You For Loving Me” (Crush) A grown up Jon, is thankful for the woman who has stayed with him for so many years. This is a great wedding or anniversary song, and definitely lovely to slow dance to with your significant other. Bon Jovi has a lot of ballads, and that’s because so many of them are so amazing.

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(5) “Raise Your Hands” (Slippery When Wet) Let’s turn up the heat with this rocking song from the 80s. It’s definitely anthem rock at its best and will get you going. One of the best songs to work out to. You’ll be able to run an extra mile if you add this song to your playlist!

(6) “Bed of Roses” (Crossroads) Another fantastic ballad! It’s sexy, sweet, and has a beautiful melody. The chorus is soaring and the lyrics are amazing. Bon Jovi always tells great stories with their lyrics, and you can never get the chorus’s out of your head. Grab some rose petals and gift your loved one this song during the day. You are guaranteed a nice night.

(7) “Just Older” (Crush) This fun, upbeat, and catchy song is the band discussing how long they’ve been around and how much they love their lives and what they do. They love their family, their music, touring, and this song is another great one on the long list of hits they’ve had.

(8) “Misunderstood” (Bounce) I love the chorus of this song. It’s fun, playful and discusses, well, someone just not understanding you no matter what you do. You will especially love the “Aaaah aaaah aaah aaah I” parts. His vocals are completely adorable.

(9) “This Aint a Love Song” (These Days) It takes the great balladeers themselves to come up with a love song that is all about not being a love song. Another one where the vocals just soar and the grit and heartbreak are just beautiful and haunting.

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(10) “Without Love” (Slippery When Wet) This song is sort of like an uptempo ballad. Like you sped up one of there other ballads. It has the stadium rock feel, and has Jon doing some Steven Tyler screaming at the “Whoa whoa.!” I completely agree with the lyrics, “we’re nothing without love!”

(11) “Keep the Faith” (Keep the Faith) This was released as a single, but it’s not widely known by the newer Bon Jovi lovers today. It’s mid-tempo, has a different sound than most Bon Jovi songs, and has an epic feel to it. After listening to this song, any doubts you’ve had about getting through your day will be gone.

(12) “I’d Die For You” (Slippery When Wet) Even more dramatic than their dramatic songs, this one is exactly as the title suggests. The Bon Jovi boys will really do anything for you if you love them, even DIE!!! Gasp!

(13) “The Distance” (Bounce) This mid-tempo song is a newer gem that I absolutely love. It doesn’t have the bombast of their usual singles, or the drama of their popular ballads, but it’s a nice side of Bon Jovi to see.

(14) “Wild in the Streets” (Slippery When Wet) Get up and get ready to jam! This one is soaring, uptempo, fun, and would also be great on a work out playlist. It completely captures being a young, crazy kid in New Jersey. You’ll be jumping up and down listening to this song!

(15) “One Wild Night” (Crush) Their newer albums don’t usually have jams that remind us of the 80s stadium days quite like this song. This proves that no matter what age, this band will always be able to rock hard and still pull off some of the best love songs of our time.