15 Cool Gifts for Kids Who like Dinosaurs

Is it any wonder most kids are fascinated with dinosaurs? After all, dinosaurs are definitely cool. So when shopping for kids who like dinosaurs, buying a gift just as cool only makes sense. Here are 15 of the coolest dinosaur gifts for kids that I have come across:


Pleo is the coolest gift for kids who like dinosaurs. It is a cute robotic baby dinosaur capable of interactions and emotions. The robotic toy has a playtime of one hour; then it must be charged for four hours. This cool gift is intended for children over 7 years old. You can buy Pleo for $349 from UGOBE (www.ugobe.com).

Stegosaurus Pencil Sharpener

A cheap gift for kids who like dinosaurs is the stegosaurus pencil sharpener. It is made of plastic, silver in color, and small in size. The cool thing about this gift is it doubles as a wind-up toy. After you sharpen your pencil, the stegosaurus will walk. This gift costs $6.98 from Tin Toy Arcade (www.tintoyarcade.com).

Zoomorphs Dinomorphs Set

Kids can create various dinosaurs, real or imagined, from 40 plastic parts when you give Zoomorphs Dinomorphs as a gift. You can find this gift for $15.95 at Growing Tree Toys (www.growingtreetoys.com).

LEGO Monster Dino

Older kids who like dinosaurs should have fun building the LEGO Monster Dino. Once built, it can move and roar as well. This cool gift is available for $88.99 from Target (www.target.com).

Dinosaur Marshmallows

This gift isn’t just marshmallows in the shape of dinosaurs; but marshmallows that kids can make themselves (with adult supervision) essentially from scratch. This cool marshmallow making kit costs $13.95 from Fat Brain Toys (www.fatbraintoys.com).

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Dinosaurs in a Rock House

This is a cute gift for kids who love playing with stuffed animals. The gift includes seven little dinosaurs and a soft carry case which looks like a rock house. It is available for $68 from FAO Schwarz (www.fao.com).

Big Bucket of Dinosaurs

Imaginative kids who like dinosaurs will have hours of fun playing pretend with this cool toy. The bucket includes 14 prehistoric toys for a price of $19.99 from Toys R Us (www.toysrus.com).

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Pop-up Book

This beautiful pop-up book about dinosaurs will hold almost any kid’s attention; and parents would probably enjoy it as well. This cool gift is currently on sale for $17.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer (www.hammacher.com).

Dino X-Cavator

Remember the game Operation? Dino X-Cavator is a cool twist on that classic game. Instead of operating on a patient, this game requires players to “dig” for bones. It is available for $19.95 from Dino Farm (www.dinosaurfarm.com).

Bowling Game

A fun gift for kids who like dinosaurs is this bowling game (here). The game includes six bowling pins shaped to resemble dinosaurs and two balls. These are made soft to play indoors. This cool gift costs $12.95 from Dino Farm.

GeoSafari Dino Checkers

Another twist on a classic game is GeoSafari Dino Checkers. Instead of playing with traditional checker pieces, the pieces resemble dinosaurs. This gift costs $21.99 from KB Toys (www.kbtoys.com).


Draw-Rupter lets kids doodle whatever they want on a stuffed dinosaur animal. Most kids will like being able to draw on something other than paper without getting in trouble. And when they aren’t feeling as artistic, they can always cuddle with their Draw-Ruptor like any other stuffed animal. This cool gift is available for $9.99 from eToys (www.etoys.com).

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Dino Magic Volcano Playset

Young kids who like dinosaurs should find the Dino Magic Volcano Playset fun. This cool gift is somewhat of a cross between a toy and a simple science experiment. The playset includes an egg that hatches when dropped into a “volcano. The egg then dissolves to expose unassembled dinosaur parts. This toy includes only one egg, so you might want to buy several eggs to extend the fun. Each playset costs $5.98 online at Toys R Us.

Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

This yummy gift is great for kids who like dinosaurs. It is a chocolate egg filled inside with little chocolate dinosaurs. You can find this gift for $14.98 at Hearth Song (www.hearthsong.com) or for $16.95 at Dino Farm.

Melissa and Doug Giant Plush T-Rex

Kids will go crazy over this (here) 4 foot tall plush T-Rex. This cool giant stuffed animal is $199.99 at Toys R Us. They carry a smaller version of this plush T-Rex priced under $30 as well.