15 Great Best Beach Party Songs

Summertime is the perfect time to plan a cool beach party! You will want to find some very cool beach party tunes and great beach party songs for this special occasion! Here are 15 of my favorite best beach party songs!

1. Summertime Girls by Y&T.; This is a groovy Summertime beach song. The lyrics tell about a man just wanting to watch the girls go by. He gives his opinion of it all, the Summertime beach scene. This song has a cool rock beat and a great 80’s music feel to it! It is a perfect song to start a great beach party off with! This song always makes me smile! This is a best beach party song!

2. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. This classic rock and country sounding tropical music song is a beach party song playlist winner! Hearing this song always makes me want to race to nearest beach and have a cool margarita! It is definitely a beach party classic tune! What a relaxing and fun beach song!

3. Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc. This tropical sounding song not only has a funky cool rap/rock beach sound, it is also the name of a tasty tropical mixed drink! I first tried this drink on a lovely white sand beach while listening to this groovy song and the great memories have lasted! You can relax and dance in the sand happily to this great tune! This one of the best beach party songs that you can pick!

4. Hot Child In The City by Billy Idol. This song is always hot and perfect for a beach party song list! It is a classic and many will love and recognize this great Summertime tune!

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5. California Girls by the Beach Boys. This is a great beach party song favorite! It is fun and it will always make folks think of the beach. Summertime fun music, for sure. A best beach party songs pick!

6. California Girls by David Lee Roth. Yes, this remake is worthy of playing at a cool beach party! This clever tune sets a happy beach party mood full of fun and mischief. This song has happy memories for me and many, it is a very good beach party song. Dance and sing a long!

7. Burning Down The House by the Talking Heads. This very hot tune will make all want to dance and party. This is one of my favorite best beach party songs and it always inspires fun and dancing! The heat of the beach just makes this song sizzle!

8. Paradise City by Guns N Roses. This song is always a crowd pleaser. It rock and rolls. It always brings me many happy sunny day memories of relaxing on a beach. This song will jump start a beach party song playlist like nothing else! Hearing this song turns a beach party into a cool beach party concert adventure. This tune is fun to listen to!

9. Hells Bells by ACDC. This song always brings extreme heat to my mind. It is a deep, rocking and intense song that brings a beach party mental attitude to many! It is a rock classic and it tolls with Summertime beach fun!

10. Fire by Jimi Hendrix. Let me stand next to your fire. Yep. Those famous lyrics and this rocking and rolling classic song is a great beach party tune. If you plan on having a night beach party complete with a beach bon fire, this song will thrill the beach party going crowd! It is a smoking beach song that sets a hot and sexy mood like no other.

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11. Kokomo by the Beach Boys. This is a beach party songs must and it always reminds me of tropical fun! This is a well known song that many will love!

12. It’s Five O’clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson. The country music fans will love this song. It sets a relaxing and fun beach party scene. This song will cause dancing, loving, hugging and drinking! What more does a beach party need?

13. Wild Thing by Tone Loc. Oh yeah, this song rocks! It will cause some booty shaking and some wild beach party fun. This fun song is one of many great best beach party songs that will please your guests. Especially the ones who like to dance!

14. Drop Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg. This funky song will set a too cool and grooving beach party mood! All will take notice and love. Everyone loves cool music on the beach!

15. Let’s Get It Started by the Black Eye Peas. This fun and funky song is too cool! I always think of a great beach party when I hear this song. It means fun and that is the whole point!

These 15 great best beach party songs will make sure that your beach party is the coolest ever! A perfect beach party song play list is essential to enjoying your time spent on the beach! Beach party music makes your party rock!