15 of the Most Famous People from Arkansas

Arkansas was the 25th US State and its capital is Little Rock. Arkansas is located in the southern region of the United States and borders six other states; the Mississippi river is on its Eastern border. Arkansas is one of the states that were purchased from Napoleon Bonaparte in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803/04. Arkansas was The Land of Opportunity, but is now The Natural State. Our 42nd President was born in Arkansas and Arkansas is the home of famous Medal of Honor recipients. Arkansas is only one of the fifty beautiful states we call the United States of America. Here are the 15 most famous people from Arkansas.

Paul William “Bear” Bryant (1913 – 1983) “Bear Bryant was born in Fordyce, AR and he was an American college football coach for the University of Alabama football team. With Alabama, “Bear Bryant won six national championships and thirteen conference championships

Glenn Campbell-(1936 – ) Glenn Campbell was born in Delight, AR and Is a Grammy and Dove Award-winning and two time Golden Globe-nominated American country pop singer, guitarist and occasional actor. He is best known for a series of hits in the 1960s and 1970s, Glenn Campbell has released more than 70 albums and sold over 45 million copies, he has 4 gold albums, 4 Platinum albums and 1 double platinum album. Glenn Campbell was a touring member with the Beach Boys in 1964/65.

Johnny Cash-(1932 – 2003) Born in Kingston, AR Award-winning country and western singer known as “the man in black.” Johnny Cash was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, he had a deep bass-baritone voice and he sang songs like “I Walk the Line” and “Folsom Prison Blues”

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William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton (1946 – ) Bill Clinton was born in Hope, AR and was the 42nd President of the United States. He was the first Baby Boomer President, his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton is the 67th United States Secretary of State and was a Senator for New York; she was also a candidate for President. President Clinton was a left of center Democratic President who reformed Welfare who tried his own form of government health care that did not make it; he won a second term as President in 1996. Yes, Chelsea Clinton was born in Little Rock, AR, but Hillary Clinton was born in Illinois.

Dizzy Dean (1910 – 1974) Dizzy Dean was born in Lucas, AR and was a MLB pitcher who won thirty games in a season. Dizzy Dean was a 1934 World Series champion with the St. Louis Cardinals; he won the MVP award that same year and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1953.

John Grisham (1955 – ) John Grisham was born in Jonesboro, AR and is an Author famous for works such as The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker and The Chamber. Some of John Grisham’s books were made into movies; he has sold many millions of copies of his crime thriller books.

Jermain Taylor (1978 – ) Jermaine Taylor was born in Little Rock, AR Nicknamed “Bad Intentions,” Taylor was the Undisputed Middleweight champion of the World in 2005. He has a 33-4-1 Record with 17 KO’s and is semi-retired.

Billy Bob Thornton (1955 – ) Billy Bob Thornton was born in Hot Springs, AR and is best known as an American actor. He starred in Sling Blade and was married to Angelina Jolie from 2000-2003, he is also a director, musician, playwright and screenwriter.

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Mary Steenburgen (1953 – ) Mary Steenburgen is an Actress. Who was born in Newport, AR. Mary Steenburgen has starred in over fifty movies and won an Academy Award for her role in “Melvin and Howard, she is currently married to actor Ted Danson.

Scott Edward Parazynski, M (1961- ) was born in Little Rock, AR and Is an American physician and a former NASA astronaut. A veteran of five Space Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks, He retired from NASA in March 2009 to pursue opportunities in the private sector. He is the only person to have both flown in space and summited Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth.

Scottie Pippen (1965 – ) Scottie Pippen was born in Hamburg, AR. He was an NBA basketball player for the Chicago Bulls and played with Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen won six NBA Championships with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and won two Olympic Gold Medals with the US Olympic Basketball Team. Scottie Pippen was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Douglas MacArthur (1880 – 1964) Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock, AR Well-known WWII and Korean war general; Won the Medal of Honor and was one of only 5 men to reach the rank of General of the Army. Douglas MacArthur won numerous medals including the Medal of Honor, two purple hearts, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, seven Silver Star, Army and Navy Distinguished Service medals and much more.

John Hanks Alexander (1864-1894) was born in Helena, AR to parents who were both former slaves. John Hanks Alexander was the first African-American officer in the United States armed forces to hold a regular command position and the second African-American to graduate from the United States Military Academy; he died unexpectedly of a ruptured Aorta.

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Maurice Britt-(1919-1995) Maurice Britt was born in Little Rock, AR, he was an NFL player with the Detroit Lions, He was a World War II hero who won the Medal of Honor and was the seventh Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas

Eldridge Cleaver-(1935-1998) was born in Wabbaseka, AR and was a leading member of the Black Panthers, a convict and a writer. He was a very influential member of the Black Panthers, later in life he changed his ways and became a member LDS church (Mormon) and a Republican Party member. He wrote a book called Soul on Ice which was praised by the New York Times Book Review.




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