15 Office Gift Ideas for Coworkers, Employees, Bosses

Looking for a fun office gift idea for a coworker or boss? Here are some entertaining gadgets and desk toys that will lighten up life in the office.

1. Slingshot Flying Monkey – This is a silly office gift that tends to be a big hit if you work in a laid back environment. The little monkey lets out a scream as you slingshot it across the room at a coworker.

2. The Big Pen – Giant office supplies can make a very funny office gift idea. If you are always asking for signatures around the office, or signing papers yourself, use this giant pen to add some humor to a dull routine.

3. Eggling Eggshell Flowers – These flowers or herbs that grow out of eggshells are creative gift ideas and great conversation pieces for anyone who likes plants or flowers on their office desk.

4. Mini Water Cooler – There’s no need to get up from your desk to walk to the office water cooler when you have your own water cooler. This is a fun and practical gift idea to share with a cubicle mate.

5. Bobbleheads of Popular Characters – Bobbleheads are entertaining desk accessories and affordable office gifts for anyone who’s a fan of TV/movie characters or sports stars. Yoda and Dwight Shrute are popular. If you want to go all out, have a custom bobblehead made of your boss or coworker!

6. Computer Rearview Mirrors – Don’t like people sneaking up on you when you are surfing the web in the office? These rearview mirrors for your computer are a great gift idea for coworkers who sit in front of their bosses or in high traffic parts of the office.

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7. Crayola Executive Crayon Pen – Have a little fun in your meetings with these pens that look like crayons. These are unique and useful office gift ideas for people who work in creative industries.

8. Whatever Wall Clock – This whimsical clock is a fun way to lighten up the atmosphere in any office or cubicle.

9. Lego USB Flash Drive – This USB flash drive that looks like a lego building block is a playful but useful office gift idea for employees or coworkers.

10. Foldable Spill-Resistant Keyboard – Another practical office gift idea is this light, durable keyboard for traveling or for use at the office. Roll it up, stuff it in your briefcase, and you are ready to go.

11. Mug Warmer – A great gift idea for coffee drinkers in the office, this handy device keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for hours so you can enjoy it at your own pace.

12. Staples EASY button – A surprisingly entertaining gift idea for friends around the office, this giant red button is exactly what you’ve seen on TV, except it talks.

13. Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover – Pull tissues out of a person’s nose with this creative tissue box cover, a silly office gift idea for that coworker who goes through a million tissues and seems to always be sick.

14. Ex-Boyfriend Knife Set – A great office gift idea if you work in one of those stereotypical high-estrogen environments, this humorous knife holder lets you creatively store your knives in a stainless steel mold of your ex-boyfriend.

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15. Panic Button – Replace any key on a coworker’s or boss’ keyboard with this red “Panic” key for some humor and entertainment in the office. This is a quick and easy office gift idea or prank.