2 Beautifully Scenic Drives in Wisconsin

The Midwest of the United States offers some of the most beautiful land in the country. There are rolling hills, lush forests and majestic waterfront drives. All this can be found in Wisconsin alone. Here are two great scenic drives that offer something wonderful views.

Milwaukee to Door County:

WI 32 runs from the Illinois border north to the Wisconsin/Michigan border on the eastern edge of Wisconsin. My family and I have taken this drive, starting from Milwaukee, to Door County. This route keeps beautiful Lake Michigan in sight for most of the trip. Along the way, you see breath taking views of our beloved Great Lake.

In addition to the views of Lake Michigan, you pass through charming and historic towns along the way. Wisconsin 32 becomes part of I-43 for a stretch. To keep the scenic lake in sight, you can get off the interstate at historic Manitowoc. Manitowoc is home to Wisconsin’s Maritime museum.

From Manitowoc, you pick up Highway 42 and continue along the lake and through Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Two Rivers claims to be the birthplace of the ice cream sundae. The two rivers of the town’s namesake are East Twin River and West Twin River which merge in Two Rivers and flow into Lake Michigan.

Continuing North on WI-42 will take you into the beautiful Door Peninsula and Door County, Wisconsin. Door county has been a most popular vacation spot for people all over Wisconsin as well as folks from Illinois. It is no wonder though, Door county is absolutely beautiful.

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Highway 35 from Prairie duChien, WI to LaCrosse, WI

On the opposite border of the state of Wisconsin, highway 35 (The Great River Road) offers breathtaking views of the mighty Mississippi river. The western part of Wisconsin is some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen. Along the Mississippi are soaring bluffs and lush forests. Forming Wisconsin’s Western border, the Mississippi is a beautiful sight.

Western Wisconsin is home to more wonderful, historic little villages. Prairie du Chien is the oldest community on the upper Mississippi river. It is home to Wisconsin’s first State Historic Site: Villa Louis, a Victorian estate located on St Feriole Island. As You drive North along the river you pass through many little villages and towns full of Mississippi river history.

At the northern end of this drive is La Crosse, Wisconsin. La Crosse is a beautiful city on the Great River. I cannot go without mentioning City Brewery. Located in the former G. Heileman Brewing Company brewery. City Brewing company is home to the “World’s largest six pack”, a group of six large storage tanks done up in the sstyle of La Crosse Lager beer.

This 71 mile drive is just one section of Wisconsin’s Great River Road which winds its way for 250 miles along the Mississippi river. I hope to someday take my family the whole length of this beautiful drive. This little section, however, is one I always enjoy remembering for its breathtaking beauty.

The upper mid west offers many scenic drives. Wisconsin is my home and when I think of the beauty along our Eastern and Western borders and everything in between, I remember why I still live here. If you are a Wisconsinite but haven’t ventured out of your area, check these drives out. If you are visiting from somewhere else, you will be amazed at our beautiful state.