2 Quick and Easy Desserts Using Chocolate Instant Pudding

Chocolate Covered Cherries Instant Pudding: Here is an delicious recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherries flavored instant pudding! Anyone who loves chocolate covered cherries candy will love this instant pudding. It’s quick and easy to make and if you buy cheap store brands you will save money too!

BUY CHOCOLATE INSTANT PUDDING — Pick up a box of chocolate instant pudding. Save money and buy the cheap store brand. If you are watching your calories, you can use the sugar free instant pudding. Also, look for chocolate fudge flavor. If your store does not carry chocolate fudge flavor, regular chocolate instant pudding will do just fine.

BUY CHERRY PIE FILLING — Pick up a can of cherry pie filling. If you shop at Walmart, look for their Great Value brand. They make a sugar free version of cherry pie filling that has a lot less calories! That’s a great value and a great pick if you are trying to lose weight but still want this awesome dessert.

BUY WHIPPED CREAM — Pick up a small tub of your favorite whipped cream. Save money by buying the cheap store brand. You can also buy the lite whipped cream or fat free whipped cream if you are watching your calories.

MAKE YOUR CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES INSTANT PUDDING — Measure out about 1+3/4 cups of the cherry pie filling and put it in a bowl. Then add about 1 cup of the whipped cream and fold it into the cherry filling. Then sprinkle on the dry instant pudding powder and mix it with a fork or whisk until well blended. Do NOT use an electric mixer. Just mix it by hand. Once well mixed, store in the refrigerator in any covered container and eat as necessary!

How to Make Chocolate Pineapple Cream Whip: Here is a quick and easy recipe that tastes like a gourmet dessert! You can eat this chocolate pineapple cream whip as is or you can use it to frost a cake or to put between cake layers. You can also spread it on cookies or crackers. You can even use it as a dessert or ice cream topping. No matter how you use it, you will love it! And it’s cheap so you can save money by making this dessert!

GET THE INGREDIENTS — You will need the following ingredients to make this chocolate pineapple cream whip: 1 box of chocolate instant pudding (you can use sugar free chocolate pudding to save on calories), 1 can or about 1 + 3/4 cups of crushed pineapple (buy the cheap store brand to save money), and 1 cup of whipped cream (buy the cheap store brand to save money and you can use fat free or lite to save calories).

GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES — You will need the following supplies to make this chocolate pineapple cream whip: a small mixing bowl, a measuring cup, a whisk or fork, and a container with a cover for storing the chocolate pineapple cream whip.

MAKE THE DESSERT — Measure out 1 + 3/4 cups of crushed pineapple and add it to the mixing bowl. You can drain the liquid if you want, but it’s not necessary. Add about 1 cup of whipped cream to the pineapple and fold it in. Then add the powder of the chocolate instant pudding and stir by hand just until it’s mixed in. Do NOT use an electric mixer.

STORE THE DESSERT — After you mix well, just put the chocolate pineapple cream whip into any plastic container or bowl with a cover (plastic wrap is fine as a cover) and store in the refrigerator. Then use as needed (see the intro for ideas). You can also put the chocolate pineapple cream whip in separate dessert dishes so you and the kids can grab a quick snack!

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