2 Sugar Tricks: How to Tint Sugar and How to Make Powdered Sugar

How to Tint Sugar: If you want tinted sugar for decorating holiday cookies or cupcakes save money by making your own tinted sugar! You can tint granulated sugar, coarse sugar, and even raw sugar. Tinting sugar is so easy! Once you know this trick you’ll always have tinted sugar whenever your need it!

GATHER YOUR INGREDIENTS — You will need just two ingredients to tint sugar. Sugar and food coloring. You can use granulated sugar or coarse sugar. Tinted coarse sugar (raw sugar is also coarse) looks great sprinkled on cookies or cupcakes. Tinted granulated sugar is also nice on cookies or cupcakes but is also pretty sprinkled over a frosted cake.

GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES — Collect some small yogurt containers or any small container with a cover. If you do not have any containers you can use zip lock bags.

COLOR YOUR SUGAR — Put a drop or two of food color in your small container. Cover the container and shake it with just the food coloring in it. Then open the container and add some sugar. Cover and shake again. Check the color of the sugar. If it’s too dark, add more sugar and shake again. If it’s too lite, put a drop of food color on the inside of the cover of the container, close the container and shake some more. If using a plastic bag, put the drop in the bag and press on the bag to spread the food coloring before you add the sugar. Then add the sugar and shake the bag!

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How to Make Powdered Sugar in a Blender: If you need powdered sugar for a recipe and you don’t have any on hand, you can easily make your own using granulated sugar and a blender! You will also save money by making your own powdered sugar. Making powdered sugar is cheap and convenient! How sweet!

PULL OUT YOUR BLENDER — Get your blender out and make sure it is clean and absolutely DRY! If you wash the blender, take it apart and make sure you dry every piece then put it back together. You do not want even a drop of water in the blender.

GRAB YOUR SUGAR AND MEASURE IT — Get your bag of granulated sugar. You can also use fine granulated sugar. Measure out 1 or 2 cups of sugar and make sure there are no clumps. Put the sugar in the blender. Do not put more than 2 cups of sugar in the blender at a time. If you need more powdered sugar it’s best to make several small batches.

BLEND YOUR SUGAR — If your blender has a pulse button, use it. If not, just push blend then stop, blend then stop. When you stop the blender, take the cover off and use a spoon or a spatula to push the sugar away from the sides of the blender. Then blend again. After just a few blends your granulated sugar will turn into powdered sugar just like the confectioner’s sugar you buy at the store! Measure it and use it as you would any confectioner’s sugar.

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