20 Best 80’s Party Songs!

I showed my list of the 20 greatest 80’s party songs to several people. If there’s one thing they had in common, it’s that they couldn’t agree on their favorites and even disputed the legitimacy of my list. Being a child of the 80’s rather than a teenager may skew my perception of party songs since most of my parties included pin the tail on the donkey.

I can say narrowing the list down to just 20 was rather hard. There are so many great songs from the 80’s. VH1 regularly features top 100 lists and it seems that list changes from year to year. Not to mention that series I love the 80’s. Why are we so fascinated with this decade?

So right or wrong, here is my list of 20 of the greatest 80’s party songs!

1. Don’t Worry be Happy: Infectious, Happy, and Robin Williams. Great song!
2. Jump: Van Hallen on a sanitizer? Wow, they are good!
3. Electric Avenue: Is this reggae? Who cares, it’s a fun song!
4. 1999: Prince, musical genius, ultimate 2k party song!
5. Take me On: Bevis and Butthead said “This band is named A… haaahaahaahaa.” But the song stands as awesome!
6. 99 Red Balloons: Get the heart pumping in English and in German!
7. Rhythm of the Night: This just made you want to dance.
8. Rock you like a Hurricane: Angry white man and the soundtrack to every airshow since!
9. Come on Eileen: The video made me love overalls!
10. Shook me all night long: I thought this was a porn the first time I saw the video.
11. We Built this City: Want to be a part of something bigger? Try ROCK N ROLL!
12. Relax: This wasn’t a Wham!? I guess I should relax a little then!
13. Maneater: Hall and Oats… what are you really trying to say?
14. Girl you know it’s true: So they were fake, but the song is real!
15. Karma Chameleon: So pure fun!
16. Burning down the house: Nothing says party like wanting to burn down the house!
17. Tainted Love: Man, this song gets stuck in your head… sometimes i feel I’ve got to… uh uh.. run away!
18. Rebel Yell: Man, I feel so bad for listening to this song. MORE MORE MORE!
19. Don’t you want me: The synthesizer on this song is spot on bad (but bad means good for those who didn’t live in the 80’s)
20. Safety Dance: I can so play this song with the tones on my cell phone! 2 beeps that make you want to get up and dance, if you want to.

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