20 Best Road Trip Songs to Drive Along With

If you plan on taking a road trip and like to listen to some good driving music, this 20 best road trip songs list is just for you! You can find these songs at the amazon.com web site. This road music will keep you moving and grooving!

1. Country Roads by John Denver. This is an oldie but, a good one to hit the highway with. Mellow and moving, this song just seems to make the ride smoother. This song always reminds me of a fun journey going back home to visit. Excellent easy listening driving music. You can find this cool road trip song on the John Denver’s Greatest Hits CD.

2. Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant. This fun and very funky pop rock tune is a best driving songs winner! Lots of fun sounds and lyrics. Hearing this song while I am driving always makes me smile. And enjoy the ride. This song can be found on the Eddy Grant Greatest Hits CD.

3. Cars by Gary Numan. What a fun tune this is. It is all about cars, driving and enjoying. A different sort of song that rocks you down the street. You can find this tune on the Gary Numan Anthology CD.

4. Driving My Life Away by Eddie Rabbitt. This tune is fun to drive with and if you drive on a long road trip this best road trip songs favorite, well, you can certainly relate to it and it’s humor. A cool song that can be found on the Eddie Rabbitt Greatest Hits CD.

5. Sweet Hitch-Hiker by CCR. This song rocks and swings and it is a happy tune that is fun to travel with. Creedence Clearwater Revival has this song on their greatest hits CD, Bad Moon Rising, which is fabulous, by the way. This is a songs for the road favorite of mine.

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6. Up Around The Bend by CCR. Creedence Clearwater Revival includes this tune on their Best Of CCR CD. It is a fun and exciting song that almost feels like a cool carnival ride. A great driving music tune!

7. The Old Man Down The Road by John Fogerty. This artist is one that knows all about traveling down the road. This song is full of humor and takes you on a musical road trip of it’s own. Excellent driving music. This song is on the CD Centerfield by John Fogerty.

8. Red Barchetta by Rush. A very cool progressive rock tune with a neat story to tell that is all about driving and a car. This song can be found on the Moving Pictures CD. Try not to speed while listening to this one. It always makes me want to drive faster.

9. I Can’t Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. A fun tune that will cause you to put the gas pedal down a bit hard. Try not to. This is great road trip music. This song can be found on the VOA CD by Sammy Hagar.

10. Fuel by Metallica. A fast, fun and crazy hard rocking song that makes you want to go. Fast! You can find this great driving music tune on Metallica’s CD called Reload. It will certainly keep you awake while driving!

11. Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue. A great driving song that is very energetic. You can find this best road trip songs favorite of mine on the Dr. Feelgood CD by Motley Crue. It pumps with movement. Pass the gasoline, please.

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12. Long Way Home by Supertramp. A gentle and memorable road trip song that is calm yet, wandering down the road with you, as you go. This song can be found on the Very Best Of Supertramp CD. This song has a deep meaning, story and lesson in it and it makes for good listening while riding.

13. Already Gone by The Eagles. This song is a rocking classic that is fun to listen to while driving or riding. I like to sing along with this fun song while driving! It can be found on the Their Greatest Hits CD.

14. Take It To The Limit by The Eagles. This is a good time driving tune that makes you want to move and groove slowly down the highway. It is on the Their Greatest Hits CD.

15. Take It Easy by The Eagles. This fun classic rock song tells a great and humorous story that can be appreciated while driving on any road trip. This song can also be found on the Their Greatest Hits CD. “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” are some great lyrics from this cool road trip song.

16. Turn The Page by Bob Seger. This tune is a laid back rock classic that will take you down the road with a musical and interesting story to listen to. A road trip song favorite of mine. It can be found on the Bob Seger Greatest Hits CD.

17. Drive by the Cars. This moody and slow tune is a road trip classic. It can be found on the CD titled Heartbeat City by the Cars. A slow and enjoyable song.

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18. Radar Love by Golden Earring. This song begins with the lyrics “I’ve been driving all night” and it continues to roll and rock. I love this song and it is one of my favorite road trip songs! You can find it on the Radar Love CD.

19. Running On Empty by Jackson Brown. This is a rock classic favorite and it makes a good road trip tune. You can find this song on the Running On Empty CD.

20. Little Red Corvette by Prince. This is a driving songs favorite of mine. I love to cruise on a road trip escorted by this tune. You can find this cool song on the Prince Greatest Hits CD. It is a driving music winner!

Road trips should be fun and enjoyable. This driving music list should get you down the highway while actually enjoying riding or driving!