20 Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Earth Day in the classroom means bulletin boards on topic. If you’re a teacher needing to create an Earth Day bulletin board–or several bulletin boards–don’t stress. Here are 20 Earth Day bulletin board ideas to help.

Earth Day Bulletin Board Background Ideas:

1. Use printed fabric. Fabric print with earth-friendly scenes, makes covering your bulletin board a snap. Half the job is already done.

2. Use newsprint or comics. Cover your bulletin board by demonstrating recycling. Plus, comics naturally create an interactive bulletin board.

Earth Day Bulletin Board Titles and Topic Ideas:

3. Ways We Can Conserve – Demonstrate conservation using multicultural pictures of people on bikes, walking, taking public transit, or carpooling.

4. Grow Food Locally – Use a city map to locate local farms and produce markets.

5. Student Use Per Week – Use actual disposable containers smashed and fastened to your bulletin board, demonstrating the amount of pop, water bottles, and milk containers each student uses per week.

6. Ways to Preserve the Earth – Use subheadings and photos.

7. Ways to Save Energy and Water – List ways such as turning off lights when leaving a room and brushing teeth without leaving water run.

8. Ways to Save Energy and Water in School – Draw a map of the school and identify places where waste occurs. Remedy the situation.

9. How to Recycle at Home and How to Recycle at School – Divide the board in half, and post methods with photos for each half. Examples include: waste-free lunches, reusable containers, cloth for napkins, classroom scrap paper reuse, recycling newspaper, pop cans, and water bottles.

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10. Heroes of the Planet or Planet Heroes – Post pictures of environmental scientists and neighborhood earth-friendly heroes.

11. Environment in Crisis – Have students post newspaper articles or magazine articles pertaining to environmental issues or concerns.

12. Go Green Careers or Earth-Friendly Careers – Post culturally diverse photos of people in various environmental careers.

13. Earth Day Crossword Puzzle – Construct a large crossword puzzle with clues given for Earth Day facts. This makes an interactive bulletin board.

14. What to Donate Where – Use actual items or photos to demonstrate what can be donated, the procedure, and location of local donation centers.

15. Earth Day Quiz – Create an interactive bulletin board quiz using multiple choice to quiz for Earth Day facts.

16. Neighborhood Ecosystem – Draw a map of the ecosystem around the neighborhood or school and obtain evidence to post. You could focus on topics such as gardening, composting, or local endangered species.

17. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – Place a picture of the earth in the center of your bulletin board, and surround it with junk mail, photos of hazardous waste, candy wrappers, and assorted trash.

18. (Earth Day Posters) – Have students create Earth Day posters for the bulletin board.

19. (Earth Day Poems) – Have students write an Earth Day poem with illustration for your bulletin board.

20. (No Words) – For non-readers, place a large picture of earth inside a larger red heart.

Let these 20 Earth Day bulletin board ideas inspire you. Adapt some ideas to fit your specific grade level or subject area. With planning, you’ll have a bulletin board that’s pleasing to look at, as well as instructive.

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