20 Places to Hold a Kids Party

Are you looking for a new place to have a party for your child? Here is a list of different places to have a birthday party for your child.

1. Bounce house party -Either rent a bounce house or go to a party place that has many inflatables and rental space. The kids will love it and will get a lot of exercise in the process.

2. Rock climbing – Try a rock climbing gym. If you have one in your area, then try it out. You kids will get lots of exercise and they will experience something new and exciting.

3. Chuck e cheese – There’s always Chuck e Cheese. A big favorite of my kids.

4. Gymnastics gym – Many gymnastics gyms will rent out for parties on the weekend. Check some out in your area and see what they offer. Some will have a bounce house and obstacle course for the kid’s enjoyment.

5. Build-a-bear -Take them all to a Build-a-bear store or one like it. They usually have party packages, so see what they have to offer.

6. Bowling -You could go bowling. It’s even more exciting when you put the bumpers up for the kids.

7. Miniature golf -Find a miniature golf course in your area and take them golfing.

8. Go Skating – Skating is pretty fun and new for some kids.

9. Ice Skating -If you have an ice rink or a hockey team in your area, then see if you can have a private party for ice skating.

10. Check out a Museum – Some places even have children museums which are great and fun for kids. Look around and see what’s available.

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11. Camping -If you are the outdoors type, then take a group camping. Check out the local camping sites and see if you can rent some tents.

12. Learn Karate -Take them all to Karate class. Its fun, exciting, and they might actually learn something of value.

13. Go to the Zoo -Kids always like animals, so why don’t you take them to the zoo. See what kind of package they offer and reserve a party room inside the zoo.

14. Ice Cream Party -Kids love Ice cream. Find a ice cream parlor in your area and have the kids make their own.

15. Pool Party -Go to the pool. Usually in the evening you can rent pools for parties.

16. Pizza Party – You can always go to any pizza place for pizza. Kids love pizza.

17. Laser Tag -Laser tag is becoming popular again. Try to find one available and see if you can reserve a time for your group.

18. Play paintball – If your kids are a little older then try paintball.

19. A Chef party – See if there is a culinary school in your area that you can reserve for a young chef’s party.

20. Go to a Game – Take them all to a game. Buy them all hotdogs and soda, then enjoy the game.