20 Things to Include in Your Nanny’s Contract

An important step in hiring a nanny is to create a contract. Contracts are legal and they will help protect both parties. You do not have to do this but it is highly recommended. It ensures everyone is on the same page and provides protection. Here are 20 things to include in your contract.

1. Include all the information about your family. This includes names, phone numbers, address and any emergency/medical information.

2. List her schedule, including days and times.

3. Any benefits that you offer. This would include medical, dental, sick days, memberships, vacation and paid time off.

4. List her responsibilities, in detail if needed. Be sure to include anything that she needs to do.

5. What is your policy on sick days and time off. What time does she need to call in by? What is your policy on requesting days off?

6. What is your policy on vacation and holidays. This would be where you would include any paid holidays that they have off, as well as any vacation days.

7. Include her pay rate. What is her wage and frequency of pay? Do you offer raises and bonuses? If so, when? How will she be paid?

8. Include what is confidential. She cannot repeat anything that she hears, share anything online or spread rumors.

9. Do you provide food or does she have to bring her own?

10. Do you provide a car for her to use or will she need her own? Does she need to give proof of insurance? What do you expect and what’s not allowed?

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11. Include any information about room and board. This section is for live in nanny’s. If your nanny will be staying over night when needed, you can include this.

12. Include all tax information.

13. Include all emergency information. What does she need to do in case of emergency. Remember to write that she should always call 911 first and then the parent. Which parent should she call first? Include what your emergency plan is.

14. What is your policy on notice of leave and termination? Do you need a two-week notice or longer? Also explain what happens if she quit unexpectedly, do not give notice or if she is let go.

15. Do you offer reviews? When are they and what happens afterwards? Does she get a review after two weeks, a month or three months? Will their be a raise given?

16. Include any important information about your children. Such as behavior issues or anything that you feel is important, things that she must know.

17. What cleaning is she required to do? Does she need to do the dishes, laundry or sweeping? Will she need to remember this or will you have a list somewhere for her reference? Do you need just a tidy up or more of a deep cleaning?

18. Do you allow outside babysitting for other families? Is it okay for her to have a second job?

19. What is your policy on cellphones and television?

20. List anything that you would fire her immediately for. Some examples would be napping on the job, loosing a child, a serious injury, having people over or getting into an accident while driving.

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Have your nanny sign your copy and then give her a copy. Include anything else that you think would be beneficial for you both.