20 Unique Sports and Game Themed Wedding Guestbook Ideas


Wedding guestbook’s are definitely nice to have because there is so much for the bride and groom to take in on their special day, remembering who all came can sometimes be a blur especially after the Champaign has been popped open!

The traditional wedding guestbook makes it easy for the bride and groom to easily keep track of who was there. However, after sometime the guestbook will eventually get tucked away in some keepsake box only to be dusted off once in a great while. Do something a little more creative for your guestbook that you can enjoy all the time by displaying in your home as part of the décor.

Here are some really cool ideas that have a sports or game theme, which would work perfect as part of a man cave, recreational room or an accent piece to any room of the new couples home. I also created a Pinterest board to help you bring these ideas to life. Remember, even if the wedding is not a sports theme; these ideas are still perfectly fine to use. The guestbook does not by any means set the tone for the wedding. These ideas are simply to share something personal with your guests and to give the couple something unique to display in their home to remember how blessed they are to have so many friends and family.

  1. For those baseball fans, have your guests sign a baseball bat and home plate. These would be great to display in a man cave. The bat could also be turned into a coat rack by adding a few hooks and mounting it on the wall. Have a few bats signed and turn them into table legs for some great end tables for the man cave. Or add some baseballs along with bats to the mix and you could make a really neat flag displaying in a shadow box.
  2. Bowling ball and pins can be a really fun guestbook for guests to sign. They can be displayed in many different ways around your home. This would be a great idea for those couples that play on leagues or enjoy bowling together. The bowling pins could be used as bookends or incorporated into the design of a room such as legs on a coffee table. You could also paint beer bottles to look like bowling pins and sign them, they would look great displayed around a wet bar.
  3. Ask your guests to sign different types of sports balls such as basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc. Then display them around your home and incorporate them into your décor.
  4. Frame photo of your favorite sports team or their logo with a large mat around the photo. Have your guests sign around the photo and hang them in your home.
  5. For those fishing enthusiasts, a fish bubble photo lots of bubbles for guests to sign. This one is hard to explain it’s basically a photo of two fish with lots of bubbles above them. Check out Pinterest to see a photo of this. A very cool idea!
  6. Football and helmet of your favorite sports team or perhaps the alma mater where the couple met would be a nice memento for the couple to keep with signatures of their guests.
  7. Signed hockey sticks for those hockey fans would be make a neat guestbook that could be hung on the wall later.
  8. Jenga tiles with signatures or messages from guests can be really fun and the happy couple could whip out the game on a rainy day and read the messages or play a game of Jenga.
  9. A kayak would be a really fun piece for guests to sign and would be nice hung up or placed in a room as an accent piece.
  10. Nautical guestbook oars are another cool idea that that can be displayed in the couples’ home.
  11. A message in a bottle is a fun and pretty piece that can be displayed in any home. Have guests write a message on a piece of paper and roll them up and put them in a large bottle. Very cute idea.
  12. Have guests sign the back of puzzle pieces and later frame the pieces of the puzzle.
  13. Ask your guests to sign a beautiful wooden bench or a deck chair that will grace the inside or outside of the couples home.
  14. A similar idea is to ask your friends and family to sign or leave a well wish message on a piece of wood that you will later turn into tables or a countertop for the home.
  15. For those snow bunnies out there, ask guests to sign a pair of skies or a cool snowboard that will be displayed in your home.
  16. Sports jerseys are a fun idea to have your guests sign. Display these in frames in your man cave.
  17. Those water babes out there can have a cool surfboard, wake or boogie board> signed for display.
  18. A skateboard painted a solid color would be a great backdrop for your guests to sign.
  19. An awesome framed NASCAR picture (or other racing photo) with a large mat around it would be an awesome guestbook for your friends to sign.
  20. A set of lockers signed by your guests will be a fun twist on a wedding guestbook idea. The lockers would make a great storage piece for your man cave or mud room.


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