2009 Mercedes Smart ForTwo Review

Smart, a little car built by Mercedes for the bargain basement college students who would like a small, fun, fuel efficient, and cheap to run car. Smart ForTwo, I think, is a perfect car for the market! It’s not a bad looking small car. In fact, if you compare it to other really small cars, it’s one of the best looking. Here’s what I mean, Tata, an Indian car company that somehow bought Jaguar, released the Tata Nano, which looks like a cartoon character, and is so ugly, I would get sick if I see one! This, though, I would look at without getting sick. In fact, it’s a fun little car. It just makes me smile every time I see one!

Now, apart from it being small and cute, kind of like a kitten, it’s also got a name that will attract teenagers who are in High School or college and can’t afford a cool car like Audi, or BMW. In fact, for $11,990, you can’t get more cool than that. Well, put simply, it’s a smart car for smart people, and especially for young girls, because these days, girls are all smart, as opposed to many guys in high school, and those who miraculously made it to college. This car fits a girls profile. And, if you see a girl driving one of these, you know she’s got friends. But, if you see a guy riding one of these, you might think he came all the way from San Francisco.

So, it’s a girl’s car. Or at least I’ve established that. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at a guy in one of these and think that he’s cool. In fact, he can look as cool as cool can be, but he still will look quite queer.

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So, this car is as cheap as it can get, and as fun as it can get. Or is it? You see, I wouldn’t mind looking at one of these, with a girl in it. I already excluded guys from the Smart ForTwo market so I won’t even go there. But why do I think it’s a cool car? Well, first of all, it’s a clever car. It’s got a 1.0L engine that produces 71 horsepower. It’s got a start-stop engine that shuts down the engine when you get to a traffic light and it glows red. And once you put your foot on the accelerator, the engine starts up and you’re on your way. Brilliant for city use, or even traffic jams!

Apart from that, it’s a very light car, so it doesn’t need 500 horsepower to get it moving. In fact, it’s a nippy car even with its 71 horsepower power plant.

Another reason it might be cool is because I think it was designed for the teenager, or someone who just turned 20. It’s a small car, for small people. So, if you’re an old grandparent and have a big belly, or you have such a severe case of arthritis that you can’t operate a normal car, you can’t have one.

Although one thing kind of bugs me: I have quite a suspicion that old grandmas might like the car. Even if they can’t drive one of these. They’ll almost certainly will be able to afford one, and a healthy one, who is still up and at it, can actually drive one of these. So, that means that all grandmas that are healthy and strong, are now cool!