2009: Top Modest Homecoming Dresses

All the trendy magazines feature revealing homecoming dresses. For some, that style is perfect. For others, more coverage is better. Modesty does not mean that you can’t be trendy or stunning at your homecoming dance. In fact, there are modest homecoming dresses for 2009 that rival or beat the trendy homecoming dresses with less fabric. You don’t have to give up your modesty to make a huge impression on your big night. Just take a look at these stunning modest homecoming dresses.

1. Ruched Gown
This style is universally flattering. The ruching hides any problem areas, while accentuating without being too tight. The off-the-shoulder style reveals nothing, but avoids being boring. This example is a beautiful dark purple, which looks great on any skin tone. Try silver shoes and accessories to accentuate the color.

2. Satin Goddess
It’s black, it’s satin, and it is a greek-goddess style. In case that’s not enough for the perfect high school homecoming dress, this amazing floor-length gown also has draping that looks stylish, but doesn’t hug the curves. Black is the all-purpose color – it looks amazing on anyone, and any accessories fit with it. Silver stands out against black, and sparkles are very visible. Go with black or silver shoes to match.

3. Charmeuse Stunner
This purple/violet dress is perfect for high school homecoming. The interlaced front covers everything, while still retaining your shape. The sleeves offer coverage, but the fabric is lighter, adding interest. The flyaway front that fades into the long skirt flow freely, giving a princess appearance. Go with silver shoes and a simple silver chain necklace to keep the airy effect.

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4. Lacy Lady
Looking for something more classic for a homecoming dress? The beaded cachet lace on the bodice of this neutral-colored dress gives it a delicate, sweet appearance. The empire waist flatters any figure, and the mesh material holds its princess shape perfectly. Sparkling CZ or diamond jewelry in silver, as well as silver or shoes dyed to match pair up perfectly with this dress.

5. Tiered Trainstopper
The kissing-tiered detailing on the skirt of this satin dress is amazing, it’s true. But the hammered stone, sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves and stone color make it perfect for a special evening. Pair the dress up with pearls and bronze shoes to maximize its effect.

6. Jeweled Perfection
Bright colors add light to the party. The ruching on the front of this mesh dress that leads to the sapphire beading at the empire waist is elegant and classy. The long, flowing skirt add to the dresses beauty. If you don’t want to dye your shoes to match the perfect sapphire color of the dress, match them up to your silver accessories. Lariat necklaces, thin chains or other intricate but simple jewelry add to the homecoming dress without trying to compete with the beading.

These high school homecoming dresses offer plenty of choices that prove sometimes more coverage is more beautiful. The modest homecoming dresses for 2009 may not be featured in teen magazines, but they definitely could be. Any one of these homecoming dresses can make a “wow” impression for the perfect night.