2010 Fashion Trend Alert: How to Wear Houndstooth Print Clothing and Accessories

Houndstooth print clothing and accessories are popping up everywhere in fashion magazines and are being seen on celebrities such as Gwen Stefani. From jackets, dresses, scarves and hats, the intricate geometric pattern is very fun to wear. Here are some tips on how any style conscious lady can wear houndstooth print clothing and accessories and the places to buy them online.

The neat thing about houndstooth print clothing is that it comes in so many different looks. While traditional houndstooth print is commonly black and white, clothes with colored houndstooth print are making their way into the fashion world. The website Modcloth has some very cute colored houndsooth print dresses for sale, both small and large print. If you decide to wear a dress or skirt with a colored print, make sure your accessories match just one color in your dress so that everything coordinates. For instance, if you find a fabulous dress with a purple and grey print, I highly suggest you accessorize with grey toned shoes and accessories. Since this is a somewhat funky pattern, you want to downplay it a bit with the details. Now, if colored houndstooth print is a little too wild for your taste, then definately stick with the traditional black and white print. This can be worn with virtually anything, and my personal favorite color for accessorizing with black and white print houndstooth is red. Red, white and black are very classic and very fun!

Houndstooth print coats and jackets are very popular this winter. If you want to wear houndstooth but are still a little reluctant to wear it in an actual outfit, than a coat or jacket is perfect. Again, Modcloth has a great selection of coats and jackets in houndstooth print (ranging from small to large print and in all colors) as does JC Penneys. Also, houndstooth print coats were very popular in the mid 1960s. Check your local antique mall or ebay if you want to go old school and wear a collectable vintage piece.

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Now, if you really want to have fun with houndstooth, wear it on your accessories! I simply adore accessories as they can literally update your look in seconds flat and are very easy on the wallet. Some popular houndstooth print accessories include scarves, purses, shoes, and hats. If you decide to go this route, make sure the outfit you wear consists of solid colors. If you take a look at the picture, I am wearing a houndstooth print fedora with a solid black blazer, and have accessorized it with a bright red bangle and earrings. Emphasize the details and let the accessories make your ensemble. A great website for houndstooth print accessories is www.etsy.com. This is a fabulous website that features original, one of a kind items by up and coming indie designers. Here you will find everything from houndstooth print scarves to ipod cases! Oh my!

Now, who says geometry can’t be fun? Be fashion forward this winter by wearing 2010’s hottest geometric pattern. Everyone will do a double take and ask you ‘Wow! Where did you get that?’ Be a trendsetter and have everyone want to look and be just like you.