2010 Super Bowl XLIV Location and Facts

The 2009 NFL season is well under way and that means that NFL teams are doing their best to win their division, make it to the playoffs and do well enough to get to Super Bowl XLIV, also known as Super Bowl 44. The 2010 Super Bowl will be held on February 7, 2010.

If you like football and the NFL, you probably really love the Super Bowl. This game is named the Super Bowl but is actually the game for the NFL championship and includes the winner of the AFC championship game versus the winner of the NFC championship game.

Super Bowl 44 may not happen until February of 2010 but you can bet every NFL coach and every NFL player is focused on one thing only and that is winning enough football games to get home field advantage in the playoffs which can help them get to the Super Bowl.

Time and Date of Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl XLIV will be held on February 7, 2010, at Land Shark Stadium, previously known as Dolphin Stadium, in the city of Miami Gardens, Florida, according to Wikipedia. The game will be aired on CBS and will be viewable in the vast majority oh households.

Stadium Details of Super Bowl XLIV

Land Shark Stadium is the new name for Dolphin Stadium, aka Dolphins Stadium. The 2010 Super Bowl will be the tenth Super Bowl hosted in the Miami area, according to nfl.com, and the fifth to be held at Land Shark Stadium / Dolphin Stadium.

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If you plan on going to Super Bowl 44, you should start thinking about housing. Luckily, the NFL helps coordinate fan housing. All you have to do is call 866-599-FANS for reservation service for Super Bowl XLIV. You can also get local visitor information at www.southfloridasuperbowl.com. For information on the stadium, visit www.landsharkstadium.com.

NFL Standings

If you are wondering who will appear in the 2010 Super Bowl, all of you have to do is check the NFL standings by going to the NFL standings Web site on ESPN.com. The odds are very good that the two teams with the best overall records will end up playing in the Super Bowl.

2010 Pro Bowl

In addition to the Super Bowl, Land Shark Stadium will host the 2010 NFL Pro Bowl, according to Wikipedia. This will be the first time the Pro Bowl has been held in a non-Hawaii location in many years, and it will strangely be held before the Super Bowl.

The Pro Bowl is usually the very last game of the NFL season and usually occurs after the Super Bowl. It is unlikely that any players who will play in the 2010 Super Bowl on Feb 7, 2010, will risk injury by playing in the 2010 Pro Bowl a week earlier on Jan. 31, 2010.

Having the Pro Bowl during the off week between the AFC-NFC championship games and the Super Bowl is a great idea because it allows NFL fans something to watch in the empty weekend before the Super Bowl.

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