2011 Bright and Exotic Hair Colors; Best Ones and Where to Buy

2011 hair is all about bright and exotic colors including violet, turquoise, peacock blue, black, coral red, silver, and deep dark chocolate. How and where can you get these bold hot hair colors?

Thousand of retailers online sell bright pigment hair dyes, but some aren’t as what they say they are. For instance:

Hot Topic is very well known for their semi and demi hair dyes. However, Color Fiend, and Raw do not show up on the hair as well as the Manic Panic Amplified. Even if you pre-lighten the hair first to a very pale yellow stage Fiend and Raw fade out so quickly it’s a total waste of money.

For bold, bright, expressive colors go with Amplified. This product comes in Atomic turquoise, Infra red, Vampire red, Cotton candy, Hot pink, Ultra violet, and more for $6-$14 depending on where you shop. Out of all of my customers who wear bright colors in their hair none of them had problems using Amplified. Matter of fact the color lasted one customer 7 weeks, and the other one 5 weeks. Both never pre-lightened their hair before the application. So it just goes to show you, you do not have to bleach the hair out first for brighter and better results.

You should save some extra product in the bottle, and every time you wash your hair add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner. Make sure the shampoo is not a medicated or a clarifying type. Lather on the head, and let it remain for 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water to seal the cuticle and lock the color in.

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Freeze the color for 15 minutes before applying. Being a professional beautician for many years, I am known to freeze some of my certain hair color shades, and they always seem to come out brighter. I know supposably once you place the dye into a freezer the chemicals stop working, but it’s not true at all. I have used a bright red by itself and then in the freezer, and the results were totally different.

Now I’m not saying to keep the color in the freezer for hours or overnight. Just a few minutes like mentioned above will be sufficient enough. The last thing to make your color bolder is too rinse it afterwards with white vinegar. DO NOT shampoo the hair again. Yes, your hair will have a scent from the vinegar, but place a conditioner on to take the smell away. Rinse with cold water.

One other hair dye that comes in awesome vibrance is Renbow Crazy Color. You can have your choice of black, emerald green, canary yellow, fire, hot purple, lilac, lime green, pine, peacock blue, silver, platinum, bright violet, orange, and even a beautiful plum purple called Aubergine.

To see actual photos of the colors used you can check them out at Hair Dye Gallery.co.uk .

To purchase the hair dye go to Hair Extension Store , Enchanted Locks or Funky Shop. You might even want to check Ebay out.

Sources: Professional Beautician