2013 Top 10 Quarterbacks; NFL Fantasy Football Players to Draft, QB Rankings

Quarterbacks are the highest scoring player of most, if not all fantasy teams. Although they are valuable members of your team, since you can only start one and there is not a lot of difference in points among the top tier, many skill position players are of higher value in your draft. Drafting a solid quarterback will set you up for a good fantasy football season. This article takes a look at the best quarterbacks to add to your fantasy team in 2013.

Here are the top ten quarterbacks to draft for the 2013 NFL season:

#10. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys
2012 Statistics: 4,903 Passing Yards, 49 Rushing Yards, 28 Passing Touchdowns, 19 Interceptions, 1 Rushing Touchdown.

Analysis: Tony Romo found himself behind in many games this year, which gave him the opportunity to pick up fantasy worthy statistics at the end of games. There may be some changes in Dallas after another disappointing season, but Romo should have earned himself another year as the starting quarterback, and he is a viable fantasy option.

2013 Prediction: 4,690 Passing Yards, 30 Rushing Yards, 27 Passing Touchdowns, 16 Interceptions, 0 Rushing Touchdowns.

#9. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions
2012 Statistics: 4,967 Passing Yards, 126 Rushing Yards, 20 Passing Touchdowns, 17 Interceptions, 4 Rushing Touchdowns.

Analysis: Matthew Stafford did not have a great season after putting up impressive numbers in 2011. Although he was close to 5,000 yards passing, 20 touchdowns to 17 interceptions can’t be something that he repeats if the Lions hope to have a winning season in 2013. Hopefully Stafford can fine tune his mechanics and the wide receivers not named Calvin Johnson need to get healthy and step up.

2013 Prediction: 4,850 Passing Yards, 95 Rushing Yards, 29 Passing Touchdowns, 14 Interceptions, 2 Rushing Touchdowns.

#8. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts
2012 Statistics: 4,374 Passing Yards, 255 Rushing Yards, 23 Passing Touchdowns, 18 Interceptions, 5 Rushing Touchdowns.

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Analysis: It didn’t take very long for Andrew Luck to make a difference as quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. If you were able to pickup Luck as a free agent in the first couple weeks of the season as I did, you were a very happy fantasy owner. If you miss out on the top couple of quarterbacks, feel comfortable drafting Luck and riding him through what should be a solid second season.

2013 Prediction: 4,508 Passing Yards, 270 Rushing Yards, 26 Passing Touchdowns, 16 Interceptions, 6 Rushing Touchdowns.

#7. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers
2012 Statistics: 3,869 Passing Yards, 741 Rushing Yards, 19 Passing Touchdowns, 12 Interceptions, 8 Rushing Touchdowns.

Analysis: Cam Newton started off very slowly, as he didn’t throw three touchdowns in a game until week 12. Newton found his groove late in the season and should be a little cheaper in your fantasy draft this year after having less productive numbers than his rookie year.

2013 Prediction: 4,173 Passing Yards, 795 Rushing Yards, 22 Passing Touchdowns, 14 Interceptions, 7 Rushing Touchdowns.

#6. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons
2012 Statistics: 4,719 Passing Yards, 141 Rushing Yards, 32 Passing Touchdowns, 14 Interceptions, 1 Rushing Touchdown.

Analysis: Matt Ryan broke out as a fantasy stud last season with a very strong season. Ryan had multiple interceptions in only two games all season, but did have one or no touchdowns in six games. Ryan was a great fantasy pick for those who waited until near the end of their draft to take a quarterback. If you can get him cheap, take Matt Ryan and expect similar production in 2013.

2013 Prediction: 4,578 Passing Yards, 127 Rushing Yards, 29 Passing Touchdowns, 16 Interceptions, 3 Rushing Touchdowns.

#5. Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins
2012 Statistics: 3,200 Passing Yards, 815 Rushing Yards, 20 Passing Touchdowns, 5 Interceptions, 7 Rushing Touchdowns.

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Analysis: Robert Griffin is a dual threat and puts up gaudy fantasy numbers due to his ability to run the ball. He is still growing as a passing quarterback, so don’t expect him to through more than 22-23 touchdowns, but draft him for his explosiveness as a runner.

2013 Prediction: 3,900 Passing Yards, 900 Rushing Yards, 23 Passing Touchdowns, 10 Interceptions, 9 Rushing Touchdowns.

#4. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos
2012 Statistics: 4,659 Passing Yards, 6 Rushing Yards, 37 Passing Touchdowns, 11 Interceptions, 0 Rushing Touchdowns.

Analysis: Peyton Manning has come all the way back from nursing a near career ending neck injury to taking the Denver Broncos into the NFL playoffs. Manning had a very consistent season from a fantasy standpoint, but didn’t put up huge numbers in any single game. Although he had nine games in which he threw three touchdowns, Manning did not have a single game with four or more touchdowns. Manning is a great pickup if you can wait a few rounds to get him.

2013 Prediction: 4,550 Passing Yards, 15 Rushing Yards, 35 Passing Touchdowns, 10 Interceptions, 1 Rushing Touchdown.

#3. Tom Brady – New England Patriots
2012 Statistics: 4,827 Passing Yards, 32 Rushing Yards, 34 Passing Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions, 4 Rushing Touchdowns.

Analysis: Tom Brady had an amazing year with a touchdown to interception ratio of greater than 4/1. Although there were a lot of injuries among wide receivers and tight ends, Brady didn’t take a step back. If the Patriots lose Wes Welker, it may hurt a little, but expect Brady to put up very strong numbers once again in 2013. I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking Brady before Rodgers or Brees, but he is still the third best fantasy quarterback for this upcoming season.

2013 Prediction: 4,979 Passing Yards, 28 Rushing Yards, 37 Passing Touchdowns, 12 Interceptions, 2 Rushing Touchdowns.

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#2. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
2012 Statistics: 4,295 Passing Yards, 259 Rushing Yards, 39 Passing Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions, 2 Rushing Touchdowns.

Analysis: Aaron Rodgers had another great season for fantasy football owners and for the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers led the Packers to another NFC North Division title and nearly had a 5/1 touchdown to interception ration with a quarterback rating of 108.0. Rodgers is as solid of a fantasy quarterback pick as you can get, but falls just short of first on this list due to the upside of Drew Brees and his ability to put up incredible statistics.

2013 Prediction: 4,680 Passing Yards, 178 Rushing Yards, 38 Touchdowns, 9 Interceptions, 2 Rushing Touchdowns.

#1. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints
2012 Statistics: 5,177 Passing Yards, 5 Rushing Yards, 43 Passing Touchdowns, 19 Interceptions, 1 Rushing Touchdown.

Analysis: Drew Brees led many fantasy owners to the playoffs with his strong overall season in 2012. Although he had a couple of rough games, Brees had 11 games with 3 or more touchdown passes and 10 games with over 300 yards passing. With Sean Payton back at head coach, Brees should have an equal or even better season in 2013. Expect similar numbers with less interceptions. Even if you take him 1st overall, Drew Brees is a solid fantasy pick for your roster.

2013 Prediction: 5,110 Passing Yards, 20 Rushing Yards, 40 Passing touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 0 Rushing Touchdowns.

*All statistics from NFL via NFL.com