Carl Karcher, Founder of Carl’s Jr., Dies at Age 90

Carl Karcher was the mind and soul behind the Carl’s Jr. Restaurant chain that launched his empire back in 1956. His life and rise in the restaurant industry reads like the quintessential rags to riches story that shows a strong character, iron determination, and the ability to understand the needs of the public and rise … Read more

Gout: It’s Not Just What’s for Dinner, but Your Diet Can Be the Path to Relief

Gout is one of those conditions that you’ve heard of, but probably never experienced yourself. Quite possibly you’ve never even known anybody who suffers from it. It used to be called a rich person’s disease because the only way you could suffer from gout was if you had enough money to buy the rich food … Read more

Treating Tenesmus when You Have Crohn’s

Tenesmus is sometimes referred to by Crohn’s disease patients as painful bowel movements or difficulty in passing a stool. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) online encyclopedia defines tenesmus as “the constant feeling of the need to empty the bowel, accompanied by pain, cramping, and involuntary straining efforts” (www.nlm.nih/gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003131.htm ). It is usually accompanied by … Read more

Eight Reasons to Start Your Own Tax Business

People who start a business do so for many different reasons. They may be looking for freedom, new challenges, or financial return. A tax preparation business can fulfill many of those goals as well as provide many new rewards. Here are some reasons to start a tax preparation business. Low Cost of Entry. Many people … Read more

Secrets of China’s Forbidden City

No visit to China is complete without visiting the fabled ‘Forbidden City’, located in the heart of Beijing. The Forbidden City, called ‘Gu Gong’ by the Chinese, is located in Beijing, China. Emperor Yang Chang, or ‘Yongzheng’ as he is known in Chinese, built it way back in the early 1400’s. The city was called … Read more

Microsoft Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit Product Review

With the new generation of gaming consoles, wireless controllers have quickly become the norm. While having no messy wires or plugs to deal with is an advantage, the disadvantage comes with having to buy batteries to power your wireless wonders. In the case of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, you can take several routes when buying batteries … Read more

Backyard Water Garden Pond Edging Ideas

The edging you choose for the pond in your backyard water garden serves several purposes. While it will enhance the beauty of your pond, it will also hide the liner used to build the pond. If you have a more formal style of backyard water garden, you may wish to use more hard edging such … Read more