The Best Youth Football Camps

Ever want to send your kid to a youth football camp? Or maybe you are a coach with some promising players, you would like to attend. I have compiled a list of some football camps and what they offer. If you are not really sure what a football camp is, let me try to explain. … Read more

Creating a New Mexico Sole Proprietorship

Since a sole proprietorship is the simplest type of business, one of my professors told us, “How do you start a sole proprietorship? Start doing it.” The concept is true, but there are certain specifics which make this inaccurate at times. While there are differences between a hobby and a business that need to be … Read more

Pirone’s Family Restaurant & Pizzeria – South Jersey’s Best Italian Restaurant!

In southern New Jersey, Italian eateries, pizzerias and restaurants abound; while many are chains, a relatively high percentage of them are family-owned and operated, having been in operation in some cases for decades. With southern New Jersey’s highly concentrated population of Italian-American residents, folks know a good Italian meal. Whether it is an antipasto, Italian … Read more

NZB Drop – Download All the Files, and Only the Files You Want

I download quite a bit of stuff off the Internet, streaming video, music from etree (an organization that tracks bands which allow their concerts to be taped and traded), dozens of different Linux distributions, and more. I also like to watch and participate in various discussion groups on the Internet, from topics dealing with politics … Read more

5 Tips for Changing Car Insurance Companies

Changing car insurance providers is considered a nuisance for most people. It takes time to call agents and brokers. They always need information that you may not have as readily available as you would like. Switching car insurance does not have to be a painful experience if you approach it with the right attitude and … Read more