Amazoy Zoysia Grass Saved My Yard

We moved recently and ended up with a yard that consisted of rocks and clay mud. Some topsoil lay in a large mound across the driveway. After we spread the topsoil over as much of the clay as possible, there was still more clay than dirt in the front yard. I raked and raked rocks. … Read more

Mardi Gras Fun for Everyone

Here are ten of the best Mardi Gras printable coloring pages that I found. Each one brings a unique feeling of the Mardi Gras spirit, you and your kids are sure to love. This coloring page just screams Mardi Gras fun. It gives kids a taste of the Mardi Gras spirit by giving them … Read more

Placenta Previa: Common Questions Answered on This Women’s Health Issue

What is Placenta Previa? Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta of a pregnant woman implants and covers, partially covers, or lies near, the woman’s cervix. The “pre” in “previa” simply means “before”–the placenta is placed before the baby. This condition affects 1 out of 200 pregnant women and their unborn babies. In … Read more

How to Purify Water in the Field

Field water treatment is a critical issue for cross-country trekkers and backcountry campers. Since a gallon of water weights more than 8 pounds, carrying all the water one might need to drink into the field for any trip lasting more than a single night is simply impossible. Many use water purification devices to treat water … Read more

Keep Cats Out of Your Flower Garden

If you’ve ever owned a cat at the same time you’ve had a flower garden you know what a challenge it is to keep the cat from using the bathroom amidst the flowers. So much for the luscious aroma of your beautiful flowers. There’s a few steps you can take, though, to eliminate the problem … Read more

Montana: Fun Facts and Trivia

While it’s home to two national parks – Glacier and Yellowstone – Montana is in the news more often these days for having lent its name to the popular TV series, “Hannah Montana”. It’s a state that deals in “large” – although 44th in population, it ranks 4th in land size. Tourism is important to … Read more

Make a Fake Stained Glass Window

It is pretty easy to make a fake stained glass window in your home. What You Need: A Window Stained glass pattern (free online, see below) Stained glass paint (or, permanent marker pens) Liquid Leading (or, lead-look window tape) Step One: Pick Out Pattern Finding the right stained glass pattern for your window will take … Read more

Living Your Best Life with Prehypertension (Part Two): Diet and Fitness

So, you’ve found out you have prehypertension and you’re teetering on the border of high blood pressure. Now is a good time to become more concerned about your health. A typical prehypertension lifestyle change consists of less salt and a modification in your diet. For instance, instead of having thick slab bacon, hash browns and … Read more

Letter B Preschool and Toddler Crafts

Are you needing preschool crafts that begin with the letter B? Are you a teacher searching for activities for an alphabet lesson plan? Needing letter of the day activities for the letter B? Just want to make a keepsake with your child that begins with a B? If so, here are some fantastic crafts for … Read more