Review: Lessons in Autumn Gardening by Sui Wai Anderson

Sometimes events in the world that are terrible and unfortunate are wished to be forgotten and never repeated again. In the story autumn gardening a survivor of the Hiroshima bombings whose name is Mariko is asked by her best friend, Mitsuye, to relive the terrible event and share her experiences with the world. I think … Read more

Build Yourself a Bar

Building your own bar is cheaper when compared to hiring a contractor for the job. It is an easy job, but will require enough time to finish successfully. When constructing a bar, follow the following easy steps: Step 1: design – after deciding the location of your bar, go online and research bar designs. Get … Read more

Largest Cities in Nevada (2011)

This article is the twenty-eighth in a 50 state series: it lists the largest cities in Nevada by population size and provides demographic details for each city–total population, population by age group, racial composition of the population, land area, and population density. This article was updated to include the latest 1-year and 3-year population estimates … Read more

Ten Best Ever Funny and Inspirational Graduation Quotes

As commencement approaches, prospective graduates and their parents are beginning their graduation celebration preparation. In some cases, a commencement speech may be needed, or just a fun or inspirational quote to use for a toast at the graduation party. These quotes are some of my all time favorites that can also be used in greeting … Read more

Product Review: Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW Gamepad

The T-Wireless NW Gamepad for the Wii console is a fully programmable gamepad controller for the virtual console and GameCube games on the Wii system. Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25, Look & Feel: 20/25, Features 21/25, How much I enjoy 20/25 Total: 81/100 Even though I dislike the first person shooter on the consoles the … Read more

Ookisa Hair Products Review

I first read about Ookisa hair products while I was sitting at the – guess where – hair salon. Coincidence? I think not. Okay, I was reading US Weekly, not one of those hair magazines, but still, I think it’s a sign. I mean, if it’s good enough for Tori Spelling, it’s good enough for … Read more