Restaurants in Downtown Norwood, MA

Traveling through the center of Norwood, MA at night, you may think, with all tasteful shop windows and foot traffic that you’re on Newbury St. in Boston, or down the cape in Falmouth. With it’s many restaurants, nightlife in Norwood, MA is actually quite the happenin’ little burb. Well, really, Norwood’s not so little but … Read more

The Pitfalls of Using Touch-Less and Other Automatic Car Washes

“Not Responsible For Damage To Customer’s Vehicle.” You’ve all seen the signs outside of the automatic car washes. When they are talking about “damage,” they are not just talking about broken antennas! That includes scratches and swirls, as well as dings and dents. After your house, your vehicle is probably the most expensive piece of … Read more

Meal Plan for Pregnant Mothers

Your entire life changes when you find out your pregnant. If you’re a responsible person, and I hope you are since your bringing a human being into this world, then you need to make some adjustments before your child gets here. Let’s face it, parenting is not for everyone. Some would argue that reproduction is … Read more

Carver’s Family Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana

Carver’s is a family oriented restaurant located in Richmond, Indiana located right on US-27. It’s a great place for home cooking without the messy clean up afterwards. Carver’s offers a little something different than what you will mostly find at most chain restaurants. Here, you’ll find things that are more personalized and made as they … Read more

Elves: Exploring the Legend and Myth

Elves are often featured in children’s fairytales. They have roots deep in the folklore of countries such as Germany, Holland, Sweden, England, and Norway. Their legend goes back as far as mankind can remember; perhaps even as far back as the beginning of time itself. In some countries they were worshiped in nature through trees, … Read more