Gene Kelly: The Ultimate American in Paris

Gene Kelly redefined the American film musical by creating male protagonists who epitomized masculinity while singing and dancing. Unlike his peer Fred Astaire, Kelly was disinterested in portraying upper-class, effeminate men and actually said that he “didn’t want to move or act like a rich man, [he] wanted to dance in a pair of jeans, … Read more

How to Make a NASCAR Costume

Choose a driver for your NASCAR Costume: You may already have a favorite NASCAR driver in mind if this particular costume idea has been selected. Men and women who do not regularly follow this sport can just choose one from a current or recent roster. There are at least 40 drivers who participate in the … Read more

Salty’s on Alki Beach: Seattle’s Best Dining Experience!

When visiting Seattle, there are some must see sites and attractions, such as; Pike Market, The Seattle Center, and The Space Needle. There are also some restaurants that should not be missed, and Salty’s on Alki is my number one choice for the place to dine when visiting this wonderful city. Location Salty’s is located … Read more

Gift Ideas for Music Teachers

Regardless if you’re musically inclined or not, odds are that you know someone who is. Every community, big or small, has music instruction on some level either private or public. Being a music teacher, regardless of what level, is somewhat of a thankless job with long hours and inconsistent wages. Furthermore, getting students motivated is … Read more

SAT Subject Tests Explained

SAT subject tests are a little-mentioned but extremely important component of your college application. Not only do they allow you to demonstrate competence in different subject areas, they are also required by many colleges. Many students have never heard of SAT subject tests. Often, even if a student has heard of the tests, they dismiss … Read more