Top Ten Chicago Architectural Sites

Chicago is one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the world. Its skyline along the shores of lake Michigan is unmistakable, and every year thousands flock to view its historic buildings, cites and attractions. For the common visitor, there are certain places amongst the thousands of attractive sites that stand out in the mind’s … Read more

Best Natural Go Green Hair Products

With the way hair products are made today so many people are seriously scared of getting cancer. Does hair spray and hair color actually cause cancer? In my honest opinion no, but some of the chemicals in the hair products can be damaging to the hair. The chemical can dry your hair out, cause frizz, … Read more

Dùndùn Drumming: To What Extent Is It Important to the Yoruba Culture and Other West African Societies?

Although many aspects of Yoruba life have been impacted by foreign presence, the musical traditions have been maintained within the culture. The musical culture of the Yoruba is an important tool through which people convey emotion or evoke emotional response. As one goes through the stresses and pressures of everyday life, many times it is … Read more

Best Foods for a High Blood Pressure Diet: Whole Grains to Veggies

High blood pressure seems to be one of the most soaring epidemics in today’s society. With a McDonald’s on virtually every street corner in the world, it’s often difficult to avoid the temptation of eating food that, no matter how unhealthy you know it is, remains convenient to both your schedule and your wallet. So … Read more

Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew Review

Instant coffees are synonymous with a taste that is described as bland, stale, and a watered down version of the real beverage. The popular coffee chain Starbucks has entered the instant coffee market with their new line of instant coffee titled “VIA”. VIA is an instant coffee that claims to change the instant coffee world … Read more

The Hyena in Myth and Folklore

The hyena is one of many animals that features quite prominently in folklore around the world. Like the hare, it is often seen as a clever animal; unlike the hare, however, the hyena is also often seen as being quite foolish. Many African stories include both animals, in which the hyena plays several mean tricks … Read more

Access Control Systems and Methodology

Access controls are a collection of mechanisms that work together to create a security architecture to protect the assets of the information system. The purpose of Access Control Systems are Confidentiality; information is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals or processes, which protects against hackers, unprotected communications, unauthorized users. Integrity; information retains its original level of … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bats in Your House

You’re sound asleep when your little girl wanders sleepily into your room and says, “Daddy, there’s either a really big bug, or a really small bird in my room…” Your husband gets up to investigate. A few seconds later you hear the door to your daughters’ room being shut, and then your husband runs by … Read more

Analysis of William Shakespeare’s “Sonnets 35”- “No More Grieved at that Which Thou Hast Done”

William Shakespeare’s Sonnets 35 is one of the estrangement sonnets. The narrator’s resolve is weakening towards his beloved; he is even beginning to make excuses for his beloved’s actions. Shakespeare uses an extended law metaphor: the narrator acts as both the prosecutor and the defender of the beloved’s “sensual” crimes. The narrator addresses his beloved … Read more