Domestic Violence: Learned Behavior?

Does the root cause of domestic violence lie in patriarchal order formed by the norms of society? Domestic violence is a multi-generational problem, and is found in all socio-economic levels, religions, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Many abusers utilize religion as a control tactic, forcing their partners to feel condemned by their religion, and skewing the … Read more

Coinstar Offers Free Coin Counting!

I am very much interested in progress and advancement and all of that. I think without progress we’re an unenlightened people. And while I’ll still question the rationale behind paying such high markups on Ramen Noodle, I generally think that most businesses are largely doing good work. So you can imagine my surprise today when … Read more

Celebrating Spring with the Kids: April and May Holidays You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Spring Holidays: Looking Beyond the Ordinary What holidays come in spring and early summer? If you’re like all other Americans, the ones that will come to mind most quickly are Easter, Passover, and Memorial Day. These are all great holidays, but they’ve been terribly overdone. Everybody knows about coloring eggs and getting candy from the … Read more

Best Teddy Bear Birthday Invitations

Teddy Bears are known for being soft and cuddly so it’s no wonder that some children (and adults), love them. If you have a birthday coming up for someone in your family, why not get them a teddy bear themed invitation? There are several on the market, with most of them being found online. If … Read more

Important Quotes from No Exit

1. Garcin: “Yes, my wife. She’s waiting at the entrance of the barracks. She comes there every day. But they won’t let her in. Now she’s trying to peep between the bars. She doesn’t yet know I’m absent, but she suspects it…Those big tragic eyes of hers-with that martyred look they always had. Oh, how … Read more

How to Become a Member of Opus Dei

Opus Dei is a little known secretive Catholic society brought to the spotlight by The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. With the book selling over 60 million copies and the movie opening with nearly 30 million dollars in ticket sales, bringing it to a different set of eyes, Opus Dei is getting more and … Read more