MidWest Lined Leather Work Gloves

Here in Alaska, our summer weather has been very unseasonably cold. June is typically our nicest and warmest month of the entire year, yet the average temperatures have been in the 50’s. When it rains, which it has been doing a fair amount, the temperatures feel even cooler. Because of this, I was really enticed … Read more

Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps are more threatening than other stinging insects because wasps can sting numerous times. Wasps make nests in the eaves of houses, sheds, and in other areas where they are protected from the elements. If you notice an excessive number of wasps around your home, you might find it necessary to take steps to get … Read more

A Traveler’s Must-Try List of Filipino Cold Desserts

When traveling to the Philippines, a sweet-toothed tourist can find it a blissful experience to try this tropical country’s most popular cold desserts. The tasty treats a foreigner can check out vary from one part of the archipelago to another. Yet there are essential ones that are available in most places, especially in the country’s … Read more

My Roadtrip Soundtrack Suggestions

The great American roadtrip. Packing everyone into the family Chevy and rolling off down the highway to destinations unknown. So many places to go, all within hours from almost anywhere. You have to keep everyone in the car enthusiastic about the trip. Therefore the old reliable “mix tape,” or now-a-days the mix-disc, comes to the … Read more

Piano Lessons: Determining the Perfect Age for Your Child to Begin

As a Professional Piano Teacher, parents often ask me what age is the best age to begin piano lessons. Since all children have different skills and abilities, the perfect age to begin private piano lessons depends on the individual child. There are three categories to consider when determining if your child is ready for piano … Read more