Super Unique Nail Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I get so bored with the same old fingernail polish day after day. I love to switch it up based on my mood and very often that means bold and unique. If you’re the same way, try these nail design ideas instead of your basic coat next time. Map … Read more

Interview: Matthew Lillard Talks Fat Kid Rules the World

Teenagers often struggle with numerous obstacles throughout high school, from not fitting in with their peers to struggling with their body images and how they perceive themselves. That’s certainly the case with the main character, Troy Billings, in the new comedy ‘Fat Kid Rules the World,’ which is now playing in select theaters in New … Read more

To What Extent Are the Social and Economic Issues of the 1920s Reflected in the Causes of the Great Depression

Many historians disagree on the causes of the Great Depression, which occurred in the late 1920s and lasted over a decade. Some believe it was a result of international economic disparity, and some claim it was due to the lack of consumer spending. Nevertheless, one thing is certain. The social and economic issues that took … Read more

Cons to Universal Healthcare

Universal Healthcare: Second Negative I. Let’s say that you have just entered the medical field as a pediatrician. After eight years of schooling, and three years of gaining experience, you are a young, eager doctor who is ready to get started. However, you quickly discover that due to the ever-continuing line of patients, and the … Read more

Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues and the Two Brothers

James Baldwin, a classic African American writer, writes “Sonny’s Blues” to show the differences between two brothers and the way that they deal with the world around them. This story clearly shows two extremes of the way people deal with the trials and tribulations of life. Sonny’s brother tries to insulate himself against the problems … Read more

Drum Lessons in Tucson, AZ

At some point in time, many parents are confronted with the tough decision of deciding what music instrument their children will play. As a person who had music lessons from the time I was eight years old, I understand the importance of early music education. Music lessons build appreciation for the arts and foster the … Read more