Civil Service Careers

You’ve probably heard: “If you can’t do anything else, you can get a job in civil service.” Or how about, “If you have a job in civil service you can’t get fired.” Or, well, you get the message. Friends, like an old song said, “It ain’t necessarily so!” That’s what I thought at one point … Read more

PCOS and Skin Tags

When I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome last year, I had no idea that skin tags were part of the diagnosis package. I had all of the classic symptoms – weight gain around the midsection, hirsutism, irregular periods, insulin resistance, acanthosis nigricans, hair coming out in alarming quantities when I shampooed – but skin … Read more

Is Your Eye Pain Really a Migraine?

That headache behind your eye or strange lines you are seeing may not mean you have a physical problem with your eyes. It may be an ophthalmic migraine. These eye aches are actually common and sometimes painless despite the title of migraine attached to this condition. Eye migraines have visual symptoms with or without the … Read more

How to Make a Sleeping Beauty Costume

My kids – who are now all teenagers – used to have their Halloween costumes planned out months in advance, so I usually had plenty of time to prepare. There have been occasions, however, when my oldest daughter changes her mind at the last minute. What’s a mom to do? Torn between the pleading eyes … Read more

Best Teen Clothing Stores in Agoura Hills

Best Teen Clothing Stores in Agoura Hills and its vicinity. The teens that live in the “bubble” dress with a distinctive style compared to other places as La Jolla, Beverly Hills or San Francisco. Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake village, North Ranch and Thousand Oaks form the “Bubble”; term used by many residents in the … Read more

Product Review: Nature’s Secret Ultimate Colon Cleanse

Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse is one of the top herbal colon cleansing products. The system consists of a package of two bottles, one of which contains Multi-herbs to cleanse the body, and the other of which contains Multi-fiber to help expel the toxins from the body. If your not one of the people that is … Read more

Free EFL/ESL Roleplays – Part 1

Role-plays are useful when it comes to introducing EFL/ESL students to English in real world situations. Here are three free activities that are engaging and make use of imagination and creation. Leave them how they are or combine them with the latest news stories to come up with your own version. YOUR BOSS SWEARS AT … Read more

7 Songs Pink Should Cover and Why

Singer/Songwriter and all-around extraordinary entertainer Pink is one of my favorite artists. Pink or as it is sometimes written, “P!nk” has been bringing us great music since 2000. She has two Grammy Awards, scores of top 10 hit songs, five albums plus a newly released greatest hits album. I chose 7 songs that I believe … Read more