Tips for Taking Senior Portraits

The portrait industry has definitely realized that “senior portraits” are a perfect money-making opportunity. With prices ranging from anywhere in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, quality photography companies are selling their services to high school seniors’ parents, giving them the “golden opportunity” to capture their child’s last moment of adolescence in model-like portraits. These … Read more

The Rich, Rockin’ Romantic Oldies! – a List of the Best Oldies Juke Boxes to Play on Your Computer

Care to walk down ‘Memory Lane’ to a kinder, gentler time? Maybe too young to remember but curious? Generation “X” and ‘Baby Boomers’ alike will be thrilled with the selections here! Travel back to a time when music had finger popping rhythms, unforgettable lyrics and heart-stirring romance! Something you could sway, dance or tap your … Read more

TreeWalker Deer Hunting Tree Stand Review

If you hunt deer, and hunt from a tree stand, then you want to get a Treewalker tree stand. The Treewalker is the most stable tree stand that I have every hunted from. Once it is set up in the tree, there is absolutely no way that it will slip. It is also the most … Read more

The Melting Pot in Charlottesville, Virginia Provides an Exciting Dining Experience

After the first course at the Melting Pot, I knew that I was in for a treat. The restaurant, which bills itself as “something different” absolutely lives up to its name both in terms of customer service and in food experience. While not a good choice if you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive place to … Read more