Mother’s Day Brunch in Tucson, Arizona

Mother’s Day brunch commences with a fiesta of choices in Tucson. Cowboy hats are often included, of course. However, Mother’s Day brunch dress code in Tucson varies, like everywhere else across these United States. Believe it or not, eating out in Tucson isn’t all steak and ranch beans around the campfire in cowboy hats. “Tucson … Read more

Family Fun Activities in Redding

Looking for one more summer getaway? Planning ahead for next year? If you live in California, a stay in the state’s northern town of Redding might just suit you. Redding, a mere two-hour drive north from the state capital, Sacramento, or a longer 3-hour journey east from Eureka, is nestled within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. … Read more

Health and Wellness Tips for Teachers

“Adios! See ya later! I’m outta here! Did it seem like yesterday when you uttered those words as your last day of school came to a close? Now, here you are again getting ready for another fun filled school year of new students and loads of paperwork. What happened to summer?! Did you close your … Read more

Tips for Traveling Over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Travelers headed to Ocean City, Maryland or the Delaware beaches from the Washington Metropolitan area are almost certain to include a ride over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in their trip. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, begun in 1949, provides a necessary connection between the eastern and western shores of Maryland and the quickest and easiest route … Read more

Product Review: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Whole Grain Rolled Oats

I enjoy browsing the health food section at the grocery store to look for new gluten-free products. I recently came across an exciting product that I have missed. Bob’s Red Mill, producer of more than 400 food products, including gluten-free and organic products, has come out with Gluten Free Whole Grain Rolled Oats. For many … Read more

2008 Oscars Winners: No Big Surprises Here

The Oscars were fairly typical of the awards show that hit its 80th birthday this year. There were collages of past Oscar moments, including one showing a quick piece of each Best Picture since the Academy Awards began in 1928. Jon Stewart hosted with a clean but only vaguely funny performance. Harrison Ford made one … Read more