Top Indoor Shopping Malls in Raleigh

Raleigh’s indoor malls have become more sophisticated as time has gone by. Many of them offer mall walking for the elderly, trick-or-treating for the young on Halloween, and, of course, plenty of first rate shopping and dining experiences. Top picks for the Raleigh area include the following indoor malls. The Triangle Towne Center This shopping … Read more

Asperger’s Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

Are you concerned that someone you know has Asperger’s disorder? Are you unsure what some of the symptoms are and what type of help is available for someone with Asperger’s disorder? To find out some of these answers and more, I have interviewed Psychologist Michael Rosenfeld. Tell me a little bit about yourself. “I am … Read more

Five Ways to Keep Your Cat Active While You’re Away

While it’s perfectly normal for your cat to spend large chunks of time sleeping while you’re at work or school, you should still try to stimulate your cat while she’s home alone. A cat who has spent the day exploring and playing will be much more likely to let you sleep through the night! There … Read more

Sewing Machine Review: Brother LS 1217

The Brother LS 1217 is different from the many new sewing machines available. It is a mechanical sewing machine, with no programmed controls or buttons and is very manual. You could probably find a lot more advanced sewing machines that come with preset stitches and designs such as computerized sewing machines. But the LS 1217 … Read more

Miami’s Best Local Craft Stores

Whether you need a nation wide chain store or a local treasure, Miami has definitely got it’s crafters covered. In Miami you’ll find anything from stores dedicated to beading to knitting to anything in between. Rex Art Rex Art is a well known arts supply store in the Miami area. The store itself was founded … Read more

Ten Holiday Events in Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon is a beautiful city any time of year, and I had the pleasure of living there for fifteen years. One of my favorite times of the year when I was living in Portland were the holidays because there was always something to do. It was almost as if the entire city became so … Read more