Plant Garlic Now, Dallas!

We love garlic. We love to grow things in the garden, especially herbs. Ok, time to put these two together. In the Dallas, TX area of north Texas, it is time to plant garlic for your harvest in May and June-just in time for all those homemade garlic goodies. Prepare the Garlic Bed You who … Read more

Tea Pot Birthday Cake

This cake was inspired by a similar cake on the M&M;’s website, it has been provided as a supporting link. The template for the handle and spout for the teapot are located on this site and their recipe for the cake and decorating suggestions. The recipe in this article will focus on the assembly and … Read more

How Many Planets Are in Our Solar System?

Most of us learned in elementary school that nine planets make up our solar system. Yet those old textbooks may be in need of updating and perhaps soon. A big ball farther out than Pluto but which apparently appears to meet the standard definition of a planet challenges the conventional wisdom about the true number … Read more

Top Ten Extreme Vacation Experiences recently ran an article in its travel section which revealed that you don’t have to be rich to vacation on a private island, “only” come up with a couple thousand dollars-or even less if you’re willing to rough it-to live on a secluded island somewhere. Amazing as this may sound, a number of other … Read more

Tips for Dealing with a Spouse with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Does your spouse have dissociative identity disorder? Are you unsure on how you can deal with your spouse’s dissociative identity disorder? To help understand what type of impact dissociative identity disorder can have on a marriage and for tips on how to deal with a spouse with dissociative identity disorder, I have interviewed therapist Leslee … Read more

Renting an RV in Fresno, California

RV rentals in Fresno, California are a great way to stay at the beach with family and friends. RV rentals in Fresno, California are budget friendly option for you and your family or large group to travel together. RV rentals are great for family trips, historical tours, visiting family, touring the coastline, and shopping trips. … Read more

Gutter Repair Basics

As a general rule, home gutter repair is not something that should have to be done often, but gutter repairs do come up from time to time. Whether dealing with a persistent miter leak or a gutter holding water, homeowners need to be prepared to keep their gutters functioning. Gutter leaks and drainage problems can … Read more