Review: Browning Semi-Auto 22; Grade I

As far as rifles go, the rimfire .22 is the runt of the litter. Often dismissed as a “first gun” for adolescents, they don’t get a lot of respect from some more serious rifle aficionados. I think that’s a shame because the .22 is a very versatile rifle, whether it will be used for plinking … Read more

Reflections of Life in the 1950’s

As a pre-baby boomer, I often find myself reflecting back to the 1950’s and comparing that era with today, and am amazed as to how far we have come in the field of technology ,and how much more items cost. Today, the minimum wage is almost an hourly $7.00; while from 1950-1959 the minimum wage … Read more

Coconut M & M’s Are a Delicious New Product

Approximately one hour ago, I was standing in the cashier line at a West Hartford, Connecticut Walgreens Pharmacy. As I gazed at the miscellaneous items displayed near the check-out counter, I couldn’t believe it when I saw a display of white colored bags of M & M’s chocolate candies that featured the word Coconut in … Read more

Top Five Quotes from “Die Hard”

Never before in the history of awesome movie quotes have so many owed so much to one movie, as with the 1988 blockbuster classic, “Die Hard”. Any decently organized and well-made movie can be expected to turn some kind of profit at the box office. This is especially true of enormous, totally over-the-top action flicks. … Read more

Miraval Arizona: What to Expect on Your First Visit

Miraval is the all-inclusive destination spa that celebrities including Oprah, Ellen, and other stars continue to retreat to for a few days of de-stressing and relaxation. I stayed at Miraval in December 2011 and made the most of the Tucson winter with daily morning walks, swimming in the heated pool, and just taking in the … Read more

Bistro Set Make-Over

Outdoor furniture pieces are some of the easiest items to transform with a little bit of elbow grease and paint. Cosmetically, this bistro set started out in pretty bad shape. There were no structural problems. After removing the tiles, this set was ready for a simple restyle. Things You Will Need: Iron bistro set Tools … Read more