Tent Camping with Kids

“Mom, a squirrel ate the marshmallows!” This could be the first thing you hear one morning if you become a tent camper with kids. Squirrels have eaten our marshmallows, hot dog rolls, corn on the cob and graham crackers in the past, and they are likely to do so again. If you are contemplating tent … Read more

Top Five Boat Campgrounds in Florida

Florida is known as the sunshine state but it’s also well known for its many waterways. Whether you come to Florida for a few weeks or live here year round, boating is sure to be on your list of things to do and see. Extend your day of fun in the sun on the water … Read more

2 Best Reasons to Go Primitive Camping

Camping is a lot of fun for the entire family but have you considered trying your hand at primitive camping? In general, primitive camping usually includes camping without piped drinking water, electricity, land-line phone or cable service, and no flush toilet or shower. If you’re thinking “I’m out of here,” you might want to give … Read more