Car Camping at Crags Campground, Colorado

You don’t have to backpack miles into the wilderness to enjoy camping in the Colorado mountains. There are “car camping” campgrounds where the scenery is incredible and the wildlife will walk right into your campsite. The Crags Campground in the Colorado State Forest is just such a spot. Normally we backpack into the wilderness but … Read more

How to Start a Campground Business

If some of your fondest memories include tents, roaring fires, star-filled nights and cricket-songs filling the night air, you already know the benefits of campground living. This article will help you pitch your first stake in the ground, a metaphorical reference to sitting down with a pen and paper to weigh the demands a campground … Read more

5 Children’s Nature Activities for Summer Camping Trips

Camping with young children can be both rewarding and frustrating. One way to eliminate the frustrating part is to reduce the, “I’m bored”, mantra by having an assortment of activities ready. At least that has always worked for me. Most parents already have an arsenal of children’s activities for the car ride, but forget to … Read more