Mountain Weekend Getaways in Arkansas

Little Rock, located near the center of the state, as are most state capitols, is very convenient to other destinations in the state. Little Rock natives who want to get away from the stress of the work-a-day world have so many choices. Arkansas is called “the Natural State” for a good reason. The Ouchita Mountains … Read more

The Fushigi Ball Marketing Scam

Being a late night watcher of the Qubo Night Owl bloc, I was recently introduced to the latest “As Seen on TV” product, the “Fushigi ball.” If you’ve never seen the ads, basically it shows a group of young people playing around with a stylish-looking acrylic and silver ball that seems to float, roll, and … Read more

My Experience with the Citibank E Savings Account

I was more than a tad dubious when I first heard about this promotion from CITIBANK. An “eSavings” account – an interest earning savings account linked to your checking account so you can quickly and easily transfer funds between the two – either in person at a branch office or from any computer on line. … Read more

Faith Based Rehabilitation Programs

Substance addiction has been one of the greatest scourges on society. For all time, people have had their lives slowly taken from them in this dreadfully painful way. Many have attempted to try to overcome addictions regardless of what they are to with varying degrees of success. People are addicted to all sorts of things. … Read more

Is Basil Pesto the Key to Good Health?

As the summer comes to a close many individuals and families are searching for some healthier eats. With the local farmers markets and fresh produce available throughout the United States, many families have become accustomed to eating healthier. Basil Pesto 2 c. packed fresh basil leaves 2 cloves garlic c. pine nuts 2/3 c. extra-virgin … Read more