How I Bought My House with No Money and Poor Credit

My husband and I have dreamed of owning our own home for years. However, we both made some bad decisions and went through some hard times financially a few years ago and ruined our credit. In addition, we’re horrible at saving money! In short, we are terrible at handling money. However, we both make pretty … Read more

Fashion in the 1940’s

The 1940’s was a major point in time for the fashion industry. Accessories made from Bakelite were available during the 1920’s, but they became a more popular fashion statement in the 40’s. Bangles, earing’s, pins, and even purse’s were commonly worn at this time. Small hats with netting over the face were also popularly worn. … Read more

How to Overcome a Drug Addiction

Are you or someone you know addict to drugs? Are you unsure on what type of help is available for someone who is addicted to drugs? To help understand how someone can overcome a drug addiction and remain in recovery, I have interviewed therapist Geffen Liberman LISAC, CPC. Tell me a little bit about yourself. … Read more

Identifying Company Assets

In a typical organization setup the most puzzling assets are equipments, plant and property. This is because their market value continues to reduce with years and when they have to be disposed the organization must ensure that the selling price is an amount that can be easily recovered. When an organization purchases assets mentioned above … Read more

How to Cook Gailan (Chinese Broccoli)

If you spend any amount of time at real (not just some Panda Express/Chop Suey joint) Chinese restaurants, you will probably run into a dish often introduced to English speakers as ‘Chinese Broccoli.’ I have been eating Chinese food, and preparing Chinese food much of my life, and I have since come to love this … Read more

Ten Ways to Recycle Your Old Jeans

Most of us tend to forget that “recycling” goes beyond the whole paper vs. plastic discussion. In fact, the more that we can find ways to re-use (or re-purpose) our worn-out things, the less stress we’re putting on the environment from the get go. It’s a domino effect that really does wind up making a … Read more

A Visit to Three Local Italian Restaurants for Dining in Madison, WI

Italian food is a mainstay and popular choice for dining out in cities around the country. Menu offerings range from classic bruschetta, old-style pizzas, fresh seafood entrees, and traditional pasta. In Madison, Wisconsin, the many locales to choose from can seem overwhelming. The following review of three Italian establishments provides a summary of the atmosphere, … Read more